Department of Economics

Department of Economics

Department of Economics

Economists don’t just speak the language of numbers, they apply it to society to help create a better world.

Economists are number-crunching, data-analysing problem solvers. We help the business world and governments make better decisions by forecasting market trends and advising on how to solve economic issues. Economics is how we turn scarce resources into something valuable, and distribute them efficiently with the goal of improving the living conditions of people around the world.

The Department of Economics at Macquarie University delivers teaching and research programs that help make sense of almost everything around you.

Our core focus is bringing organisations and community together, enabling you to develop a broad understanding of how economics affects people's lives.

Recently the Department has attracted significant research funds, in part thanks to the strength of our research networks and the staff heading them.

Our staff are well known nationally and internationally, and their impacts for research are often featured in respected publications, including the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Review, The Australian and the New York Times.

Through broad interdisciplinary projects and research, the Department hopes to make a positive global contribution and help society understand the world we live in through an economic lens. We teach this through real-world experiences, and strive to create and share knowledge that addresses gaps in business and society.

Your employability is a key priority for Macquarie University. The PACE Program (Professional and Community Engagement) is part of achieving this goal, giving you the confidence to recognise and develop your potential.

PACE takes a real-world approach to learning by allowing you to receive credit for completing research internships through industry, government and community partners. The program has been a great success, with 70 per cent of Macquarie University students already engaged.

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