News and Events

News and Events

Seminars and Events

Throughout the year, the department holds a number of specialised seminars for staff and PhD students. These seminars attract some of the top researchers in actuarial studies and applied finance from within Australia and internationally.

Any changes to the date, time or location will be updated. Please do not hesitate to contact Katie West via email for any further details.


Australasian Actuarial Education and Research Symposium (AAERS)Wednesday 5 December - Thursday 6 December 2018 For more details, visit the event websiteMacquarie University City Campus
Level 24, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney

Recent Seminars

Wed 14 November 2018Mogens Steffenson
University of Denmark
Consumption-Investment-Insurance Problems4ER
Room 623
Wed 7 November 2018 (x 2)Chi Truong
Macquarie University 
Stefan Trueck
Macquarie University
A Bayesian Real Options Model for Adaptation to Catastrophic Risk under Climate Change Uncertainty (Chi Truong)

Power Purchase Agreements and Solar Securitization: Modelling Risk Factors and Returns (Stefan Trueck)
Room 523
Wed 31 October 2018Katja Ignatieva
Credit portfolio loss: Assessing the Number of Defaults with Generalised Pareto Distributions and Survival Archimedean Copulas4ER
Room 623
Wed 29 August 2018Hume Wiznar
Macquarie University
P-values, Interocular tests, Effects size and my slow conversion to Bayesian thinking4ER
Room 623
Wed 22 August 2018 Marcel Kleiber
Leipniz Universit├Ąt Hannover
Modeling Traffic Accidents Caused by Random Misperception4ER
Room 623
Wed 8 August 2018Professor Stan Uryasev
University of Florida
Risk Management with POE, VaR, CVaR, and bPOE: Applications in Finance

Room 623

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