OpRisk award 2017

OpRisk award 2017

OpRisk Award 2017, best paper of the year

G.W. Peters, P.V. Shevchenko, B. Hassani and A. Chapelle (2016). “Should the advanced measurement approach be replaced with the standardized measurement approach for Operational Risk?”, Journal of Operational Risk 11(3), pp. 1-49

received Operational Risk Award 2017 from Incisive Media, UK for the best paper of the year announced recently http://www.opriskawards.com/static/2017-winners. An article about this was published on Risk.Net after interview with the paper authors http://www.risk.net/awards/5296601/paper-of-the-year-peters-shevchenko-hassani-and-chapelle.

We prepared this paper last year regarding the Basel proposal to change approach for quantification of operational risk capital for banks. The Basel proposal was to remove the Advanced Measurement Approach (AMA) and replace it with the Standardized Measurement Approach (SMA).

We uploaded our shorter comments http://ssrn.com/abstract=2789006  to the Basel website https://www.bis.org/bcbs/publ/comments/d355/suefu.pdf during a formal call for comments from the Basel Committee in 2016 and published white paper on Risk.Net http://www.risk.net/risk-management/operational-risk/2451089/discarding-the-ama-could-become-a-source-of-op-risk, and then we wrote the journal paper.

The Journal of Operational Risk is highly regarded by industry practitioners, and the award we received is very prestigious and strong recognition by the industry and profession.


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