RISKS, Special Issue "Ageing Population Risks", 2016-2017

RISKS, Special Issue "Ageing Population Risks", 2016-2017

Risks, Special Issue "Ageing Population Risks, 2016-2017 

Special Issue Editor: Prof Pavel Shevchenko

Deadline for manuscript submissions: closed

An ageing population is a major challenge for many countries, arising from a declining fertility rate and an increasing life expectancy. A longevity risk (the adverse outcome of people living longer than expected) exacerbated by declining equity returns, coupled with the record low interest rate environments, have significant implications for societies, and manifests as a systematic risk for providers of retirement income products. Accurate mortality and population projections have become critical for policymakers and industry. The aim of this Special Issue is to highlight advances in empirical results and numerical methods for quantitative modeling of risks related to ageing population problems.

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