CSIRO Data61 PhD top up scholarships 2018

CSIRO Data61 PhD top up scholarships 2018

CSIRO DUCA PhD scholarships 2018


Faculty of Business and Economics


Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics

Project Name

Optimal decision making for risk mitigation of natural hazards

Closing Date

31 August 2018 for international students

31 October 2018 for domestic students

for commencement in Semester 1, 2019


Allocation Number

two top up scholarships (top-up or full PhD scholarships)

International or Domestic

international or domestic

Project Description

Australia faces substantial risks from changes in frequency and severity of natural hazards such as flooding, storm surges, bushfires, sea level rise and climate change that are further exacerbated by population and economic growth in risk-prone areas. While there exist a number of software tools such as TuFlow, Mike flood, C-Fast and SWIFT (the latter two developed by researchers from CSIRO Data61 and will be provided for the project purposes) that can model the physical impact of natural hazards, there is a lack of models that allow for the economic quantification of potential damages, as well as approaches for taking optimal decisions on risk mitigation investments and land use planning. This project aims to fill this important gap by developing a decision making framework that will consider real options and optimal stochastic control methodologies with rare event probabilistic methods.

Other important information

CSIRO Data61 offers top up PhD scholarships under DUCA (Data61 University Collaborative Agreement) with Macquarie University: typically $10,000 per student per annum for up to three years. CSIRO Data61 also offers full PhD scholarships of value approximately $37,000 per annum for up to three years. For more information, see https://www.csiro.au/en/Careers/Student-and-graduate-opportunities/Form-Data61-scholarship

It is expected that students have discussed their interest and secured support from university and CSIRO Data61-based supervisors prior to submitting an application to the scholarship program. Applicants should therefore contact Prof Shevchenko pavel.shevchenko@mq.edu.au in the first instance.

Contact Name

Prof Pavel Shevchenko

Contact Email


These top up scholarships are available to eligible current PhD domestic or international candidates already enrolled and in receipt of a main stipend.

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