Research Networks

Research Networks

Research is the way of life to our academics. Our accounting and corporate governance researchers investigate critical and emerging business issues in governance processes, financial reporting regimes and performance. Our specialists possess in-depth industry relevant knowledge, and deliver unbiased, independent research.

Contact us and explore how our collaborative research have informed and made an impact to governing bodies, corporations and not-for-profits, and how you can participate.

Accounting for Sustainable Knowledge (ASK) Research Network

ASK Research Network produces fresh insights on areas such as sustainable knowledge generation and dissemination, social and environmental issues, sustainability, intellectual capital, non-financial information, non-market information, industry applications, professional services and sustainable knowledge education.

Members undertake complex interdisciplinary projects by bringing together expert academics to address challenging research issues. 

Contact Associate Professor Johannes Dumay E: and Dr James Hazelton E:

Performance, Management and Control Research Network

Network members focus on the management of organisational activities with a view to strengthening economic productivity, enhancing employee well-being, and improving sustainability. We research to understand the nature of management control systems, performance management systems, and management accounting practises, their contingent relationship with organisational, cultural, and institutional factors, and the role they play in enhancing organisational performance.

We encourage the development of innovative research that will make an impact. Our work have been used to enhance strategies and formulate policies for Government, industries and organisations.

Contact AssociateProfessor Kevin Baird E: and Associate Professor Rahat Munir E:

International Accounting and Business Research Network

The network adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, providing theoretical, methodological and empirical evidence on various aspects of professional accountants’ and managers’ judgments and decisions across countries such as Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, Fiji and Japan.

We focus on a holistic approaches to research, departing from the assumption that accounting perceptions and judgments are objective, neutral, and value-free.

Contact Professor Chris Patel E: and Associate Professor Elaine Evans E:

East Asian Law, Regulation and Policy Research Network

As we engage in trade and immerse in cultural exchanges with our regional neighbours, it is critical we appreciate and understand how the law is changing in these countries and how this affects Australia.

We focus on understanding the interactions between law, culture, economy, politics and society and their influence on business. Research is not limited to but includes technology regulation and usage, the environment, government policy, corporate governance, taxation, legal ethics and international trade.

Contact DrTrish Blazey E: and Dr Kay Chan E:

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