Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Areas of expertise for public and community presentations:

Academic Topics

Prof Graeme Harrison

Cross-cultural accounting, International accounting, Management accounting

Prof James Guthrie

Public sector accounting, Auditing, accountability and management, Social and environmental reporting and auditing, Management of knowledge and intellectual capital and the measurement of intangibles

Prof Lorne Cummings

Financial accounting, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International accounting, Energy efficiency, Emission rights and Corporate Social Responsibility

Prof Chris Patel

International accounting, Harmonisation and convergence of financial reporting, Theoretical and methodological limitations of international accounting research, Professional accountants' judgments across countries such as Germany, Japan, India, Malaysia, China and Australia, Globalisation and contextual factors on accounting in Germany, China and Japan, Ethics in accounting

A/Prof Rahat Munir

Management accounting systems, Management  controls, Performance measurement systems, Balanced scorecard, Banking regulations, Controls and risk management, Emerging markets, Corporate governance, Accounting education

A/Prof Kevin BairdManagemet accounting, Management control bylaw, Organisational culture, Management and related disciplines
A/Prof Hope AshiaborEnvironmentally related taxes, The regulatory aspects of carbon finance, Energy law, Tax expenditures and tax policy, International tax law and policy
A/Prof Elaine EvansCorporate governance, Reporting and regulation, Professional practice, Accounting education, The interface between the profession and the academy, Accounting history, Accounting's professionalisation projects internationally, Integration of professional communication skills in the accounting curriculum
A/Prof Johannes DumayIntellectual capital, Non-financial accounting and reporting, Management accounting, Academic writing, Qualitative research methods
A/Prof Parmod Chand

Financial accounting, International accounting, Harmonisation and convergence of financial reporting, Judgments of professional accountants across countries such as Australia, China, Japan and Other South Pacific countries, Accounting education

Dr Catriona LavermicoccaTaxation law, Tax compliance behaviour, Ethics, Program development
Dr Vicki Baard

Management accounting, Interventionist research, Internal and external research grants

Dr Jin Hua ChenFinancial accounting, Accounting and accountability in public and not-for-profit organizations, Organizational culture, Stakeholder management
Dr James HazeltonSustainability reporting, Business ethics
Dr Rajni MalaFinancial accounting, International accounting
Dr Andreas HellmannBehavioural accounting, Neuroaccounting, International accounting, Accounting in Germany
Dr Sophia Su

Management accounting, Management control systems, Organisational culture, Employee organisational commitment, Organisational life cycle

Dr Trish Blazey

Chinese commerciall law, Sustainability law, Environmental law, Forest Law in developing countries, Evidence law, Criminal law, European trade law

Dr Kay ChanJapanese law, Chinese law, Law and society, Legal ethics in Japan, Comparative law, Law and society, Legal professions, Quasi-legal professions in Japan, East Asian law and legal systems
Dr Yvette BlountResearch coordinator for the Australian Anywhere Working Research Network, Anywhere working (telework, telecommuting, flexible work), Telehealth and the implications for workers (clinicians), Technology in learning and teaching
Dr Meiting LuFinancial reporting and disclosures, Capital market research, Corporate governance, International accounting
Dr Michael QuilterCompany law, Bankruptcy history
Dr Samantha SinChinese Direct Investments in Australia, Role of accountants and professional work in Australia with extension to the Australian-Chinese business context, Integrating language and conceptual knowledge for developing generic skills in Accounting, Assuring quality student learning outcomes through assessment task design and curriculum development, Developing and assessing complex professional skills and graduate attributes, Qualitative research methods
Dr Savanid Vatanasakdakul

Adoption and diffusion of Information Systems (IS) and e-commerce, Cross-cultural issues on IS research, Global aspect of IS, Strategic fit perspective on the IS transfer in Asia, Green information systems, IS for collaboration including collaborative technologies and social media, Accounting Information Systems, IS auditing and assurance

Dr Stephen HaswellCorporate accounting, International accounting
Dr Kym ButcherLocal government audit, Auditor choice, Audit quality, Audit fees
Dr Mauricio MarroneDigital transformation, Gamification in business, IT service management, IT governance, E-Learning and educational technologies
Dr Milica Misic

Financial accounting, Accounting education

Dr John Selby

Internet law, Intellectual property law, International commercial arbitration, New institutional economics theory

Dr Zaman Khorseduzzaman

Business law, Corporations law, International economic law, World Trade Organisation law, European Union law

Dr Verity Greenwood

Financial crime and governance, Health geography, Corporate governance, Tourism

Dr James Lau

Corporate reporting, Family firms, Corporate governance, Dividend policy

Dr Ranjith Bala AppuhamilageManagement controls in inter-organisational relationships, Public-Private Partnerships, Risk management, Corporate governance
Dr Charlene ChenFinancial analysts' earnings forecasts, Financial reporting, Disclosure regulation, CEO turnover
Dr Medhat EndrawesAuditing and financial accounting
Dr Philip SinnaduraiThe motivations for and economic consequences of corporate accounting and disclosure policies, Determinants and economic consequences of earnings quality and earnings management, The processes via which financial and non-financial information is incorporated into the capital market, Corporate governance, Applying these research paradigms to Malaysia and other developing countries in Southeast Asia
Dr Edward Tello Melendez

Water accounting and accountability, Social and environmental accounting, Business ethics, International business, Market research

Dr Colly HeFinancial accounting
Dr Amy Tung

Financial accounting , Management accounting, Sustainable performance measures, Environmental management accounting

Dr Christofer AdrianCorporate governance, Auditing, Financial accounting
Dr Karen HandleyAccounting Standards for Small and Medium sized Entities (SMEs), Corporate Governance
Brian MillantaAccounting policy and disclosure choice, Capital markets, Corporate governance and regulation, Corporate failure
Peipei PanInternational accounting, Accounting education
Aleks Pop-VasilevaManagement Accounting
Dominic SohInternal and external auditing and assurance, Environmental, social and governance reporting and –assurance, Corporate governance, Audit committees, Public sector performance measurement, Auditing education innovation, Professional education
Honorary (Fellow) Dr Herb SchochEntrepreneurship, Management control systems, Strategic management accounting, Balanced scorecard applications, Trust and management control, Students’ learning styles
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