Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

We encourage quality research across a variety of issues, ideologies and methodologies. Our research objectives are:

  1. Deliver research that explores and shapes real world issues.
  2. Build strategic partnerships that advance knowledge and practice.
  3. Facilitate a collegiate and nurturing research environment.
  4. Build a reputation for contemporary research and thought leadership.

The Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, conducts research at the forefront of the field.

Research topics include:

  • Accounting education and technology
  • Auditing and assurance services
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Environmental and social accounting, ethical investment and energy law
  • Financial/corporate accounting and reporting
  • Information systems
  • Intellectual capital
  • International accounting and national and organisational culture
  • International business and trade law
  • Management accounting and management control systems
  • Performance management
  • Professional and business ethics
  • Cyber security, financial crime and corporate regulation
  • Tax transparency, environmental taxation and tax compliance

Further information on the diversity of research across the Department can be obtained from the Staff Research Interest page, the Recent Publications page, and the Research Seminar series information.

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