Research Gap Finder Tool

Research Gap Finder Tool

Empower your academic work and research with an automated, intelligent and efficient tool that does wonders at identifying the relevant research gaps in your area. 

With the Research Gap Finder, you will have the unique opportunity to simply, efficiently and reliably identify a whole spectrum of important elements, including: the salient topics, emerging as well as disappearing topics, and unmet “wishes” of certain groups and more.

Efficiently comparing literature while drawing reliable conclusions which can greatly assist you in your academic research is what the Research Gap Finder does best.

Invite-Only: As part of our product release, we wish to make it available through invite-only. We are doing this to make sure we set a quality standard for our product and that it aligns with your expectations. Please follow the link below and fill out the details. We will contact you soon with access information.

Invite-only link

Previous publications using the outlined methodology:

  • Marrone, M. and Hammerle, M., 2016. An Integrated Literature Review: Establishing Relevance for Practitioners. International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS).
  • Marrone, M. and Hammerle, M., 2017. Relevant Research Areas in IT Service Management: An Examination of Academic and Practitioner Literatures. Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 41, Article 23.
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