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News and events

Seminars and events

Throughout the year, the department holds a number of specialised seminars for staff, students, alumni and other interested members of the community. These seminars attract some of the top researchers in actuarial studies and applied finance from within Australia and internationally.

2018 Seminars
Fri 6 April

David Bell
University of New South Wales

Value, Momentum and Multi-Period Portfolio ConstructionE4A 110
Fri 23 March

Bohui Zhang
University of New South Wales

Panda Games: Corporate Disclosure in the Eclipse of SearchE4A 110
Fri 9 March

Alexander Vadilyev
Australian National University

How Sensitive Is Corporate Demand for Internal Liquidity to Financial Development and Macro Shocks?E4A 110
Fri 2 March
Prof Marcel Prokopzcuk
University of Hannover
High-Frequency Betas and the Conditional CAPME4A 110
Mon 12 February
Prof Nicole Darnall
Arizona State University
Ecolabel Credibility and Sustainable Purchasing E4A 623

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