Our people

Our people

Head of Department

Professor Rahat Munir

Munir is a Professor, Head of Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance. With over 25 years’ experience, he teaches across undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in management accounting and related subjects. His research interests range from management accounting systems, performance measurement systems, CSR, corporate governance, management control systems, banking systems in emerging markets. He has published in leading international academic and professional journals.

Deputy Head of Department

Doctor Catriona Lavermicocca

Lavermicocca is a Chartered Accountant and worked as a senior manager in the taxation section at Ernst and Young, before completing a Master of Law specialising in taxation and commercial law. Teaching taxation law at undergraduate and postgraduate level, Catriona has also been involved in writing learning materials for the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Tax Institute.

Academic staff

PositionStaff MemberEmailPhoneLocation
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Hope Ashiaborhope.ashiabor@mq.edu.au8457E4A 311
Senior LecturerDr Vicki Baardvicki.baard@mq.edu.au 9192E4A 237
Senior LecturerDr Ranjith Bala Appuhamilageranjith.bala-appuhamilage@mq.edu.au 7295E4A 315
ProfessorProf Kevin Bairdkevin.baird@mq.edu.au 8532E4A 209
Senior LecturerDr Trish Blazeytrish.blazey@mq.edu.au 7683E4A 240
Senior LecturerDr Yvette Blountyvette.blount@mq.edu.au 8514E4A 341
LecturerDr Kym Butcher kym.butcher@mq.edu.au 8519E4A 243
Senior LecturerDr Kay-Wah Chankay.chan@mq.edu.au 7088E4A 241
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Parmod Chandparmod.chand@mq.edu.au6137E4A 236
LecturerDr Charlene Chen charlene.chen@mq.edu.au 9285E4A 238
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Jengfang Chen jengfang.chen@mq.edu.au 4854E4A 330
LecturerDr Jin Hua Chenjinhua.chen@mq.edu.au 4839E4A252D
Associate Dean - Higher Degree ResearchProf Lorne Cummingslorne.cummings@mq.edu.au 8531E4A 327
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Johannes Dumayjohn.dumay@mq.edu.au1927E4A 329
LecturerDr Medhat Endrawes medhat.endrawes@mq.edu.au 8451E4A 231
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Elaine Evanselaine.evans@mq.edu.au6477E4A 331
LecturerDr Verity Greenwoodverity.greenwood@mq.edu.au 7283E4A 310
Distinguished ProfessorProf James Guthriejames.guthrie@mq.edu.au 4831E4A 333
Emeritus ProfessorProf Graeme Harrisongraeme.harrison@mq.edu.au 8515E4A 211
Senior LecturerDr Stephen Haswell stephen.haswell@mq.edu.au 8542E4A 210
Associate ProfessorDr James Hazeltonjames.hazelton@mq.edu.au 8486E4A 239
LecturerDr Colly He liyu.he@mq.edu.au 8520E4A 354
Senior LecturerDr Andreas Hellmannandreas.hellmann@mq.edu.au 4055E4A 233
LecturerLu Jiaolu.jiao@mq.edu.au6873E4A 353
LecturerDr James Lau james.lau@mq.edu.au 9284E4A 349
Research FellowDr Shane Leong shane.leong@mq.edu.au 9189E4A 319
Professor and Associate Dean (ICE)Professor Philomena Leungphilomena.leung@mq.edu.au 4413707A
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Catriona Lavermicoccacatriona.lavermicocca@mq.edu.au 8528E4A 308
Senior LecturerDr Meiting Lu meiting.lu@mq.edu.au 1928E4A 212
Senior LecturerDr Rajni Malarajni.mala@mq.edu.au 8530E4A 314
Senior LecturerDr Mauricio Marronemauricio.marrone@mq.edu.au 1151E4A 339
LecturerBrian Millanta brian.millanta@mq.edu.au 8547E4A 328
LecturerDr Milica Misic milica.misic@mq.edu.au 9193E4A 319
ProfessorProfessor Rahat Munirrahat.munir@mq.edu.au 4765E4A 312
ProfessorProfessor Martinov-Bennie Nonna nonna.martinov-bennie@mq.edu.au 1926E4A 337
LecturerNuraddeen Nuhunuraddeen.nuhu@mq.edu.au 8534E4A352
LecturerPei Pei Pan peipei.pan@mq.edu.au 9943E4A254A
ProfessorProf Chris Patelchris.patel@mq.edu.au 7825E4A 334
LecturerThanh Phanthanh.phan@mq.edu.au 4806E4A 317
Senior LeturerDr Michael Quilter michael.quilter@mq.edu.au 8456E4A 309
LecturerDr John Selby john.selby@mq.edu.au 7081E4A 325
Senior LecturerDr Samantha Sin samantha.sin@mq.edu.au 8529E4A 344
LecturerDr Philip Sinnadurai philip.sinnadurai@mq.edu.au 7101E4A 213
LecturerDominic Soh dominic.soh@mq.edu.au 8572E4A 324
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Sophia Susophia.su@mq.edu.au 8454E4A253B
LecturerDr Amy Tung manamy.tung@mq.edu.au 9282E4A 232
Senior LecturerDr Dale Tweediedale.tweedie@mq.edu.au 8462E4A 355
Senior LecturerDr Savanid Vatanasakdakul savanid.vatanasakdakul@mq.edu.au 4855E4A 226
LecturerDr Khorsed Zaman khorsed.zaman@mq.edu.au 4120E4A 316

Professional staff

Position Staff MemberEmailPhoneLocation

Senior Department Administrator

Irene Fernandes


8535 E4A 343

Department Administrative Officer

Charmaine D'Souza



E4A 320C

Personal Assistant to HoD

Lilly Gabriel


4802 E4A 321

Teaching Administrator

Kim Luying.lu@mq.edu.au 4821 E4A 350C

Departmental Administrative Assistant

Ervina Ang


E4A 350

Teaching Assistant

Cissy Zhan  cissy.zhan@mq.edu.au 4832 E4A 350A

Teaching Assistant

Claudia Chau



E4A 350B

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