The Faculty of Arts at Macquarie is committed to undertaking research that achieves the highest standards of scholarly excellence, advances knowledge and engages with real world challenges. Our research is supported by prestigious national and international grants and our research networks and collaborations extend across the globe, including academic, government, NGO and corporate partners.

Research in the Faculty spans a wide range of discipline areas including: Ancient History and Archaeology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, English and Literary Studies, Geography and Planning, (Ancient and Modern History), Language Studies, Law, Media and Communications, Music and Performance, Modern History, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations, Security Studies, and Sociology.

Our disciplinary research strengths are complemented by the Faculty's transdisciplinary research themes, which make a major contribution to the University Research Priority Area of Resilient Societies

  • Societal Transformation 
  • Modes of Communication 
  • Ethics, Governance and Justice

Our research centres

The Faculty is home to two University Research Centres and three Faculty Research Centres, which foster a thriving research environment for associated academic staff and higher degree research candidates.

Meet the Faculty of Arts Research team 

Associate Dean (Research)

Prof Catriona Mackenzie

Phone: 02 9850 8865

Faculty Research Manager

Jan Zwar

Phone: 02 9850 4496

Research Officer

Christine Boman

Phone: 02 9850 9663

Research Officer

Jo Chipperfield

Email: Jo
Phone: 02 9850 7061

Research Officer

Ruth Cox

Phone: 02 9850 7066

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