About our new Law School

About our new Law School

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With a nod to its successful past and excitement for its future, the Macquarie Law School campaign seeks to raise new funds to achieve long-held ambitions of engaging with the wider community.

Plans for a new Law School will see a purpose-designed facility at the very heart of the campus, ready to welcome vulnerable people seeking guidance; to partner with government bodies, companies and charities; and to attract the brightest legal minds from across the globe to collaborate with us, undertake fellowships and join our Law School.

The new Law School will also provide a flexible environment that can adapt to emerging needs for the future workforce, from a traditional moot court to physical spaces where our students can learn the skills of negotiation and mediation.

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Make a lasting, positive impact on the global community by supporting our Law School. Help our students learn and discover. Prepare our graduates to promote justice, actively engage with and contribute to their communities, and become leaders across multiple fields.

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