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Jobair Alam

Md Jobair Alam

PhD Candidate & Casual Academic

Macquarie Law School
Tel: +61-2-9850 8647

Alam is an Assistant Professor of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and currently pursuing Ph.D under the International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship. He obtained LLM in 2010 and LLB (Hons') in 2009 from the Department of Law, University of Dhaka and has the distinction of being first in both of the examinations. In recognition of these outstanding academic achievements he has been awarded with prestigious gold medals from the Prime Minister, the President and the Chief Justice of Bangladesh. His primary areas of interest are international law, international human rights law, international criminal law and poverty and development studies in a south Asian context.


LLM (1st Class 1st) (University of Dhaka), LLB (Honours) (1st Class 1st) (University of Dhaka)

Teaching Responsibilities

LAWS259 - International Law
LAWS523 - Intellectual Property Law
LEX 101 - Law, Human Rights and Global Governance


Alam is currently undertaking his PhD under the supervision of Dr. M. Rafiqul Islam and Dr. Archana Parashar. His thesis addresses some of the pressing international law issues of the ongoing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar (Burma), which inclusively includes international refugee, migrant, stateless, and criminal law issues. Through the application of a doctrinal research with a reformist approach his study aims to (a) critically examine the status and protection of the Rohingya in international law, (b) discern how to ascertain and combat their marginalised human rights plight, and (c) derive lessons to maximise the protection of vulnerable groups should a parallel situation emerge in the future. The study will make recommendations for a negotiated peaceful solution to the Rohingya crisis.

Current title: The Rohingya in Crisis: Their Status and Protection in International Law


  • Prime Minister Gold Medal for obtaining highest marks in the Faculty of Law in the LLB Hons’ Final Examination
  • Justice Amin Ahmed Gold Medal for securing highest marks in the LLM Final Examination
  • Fakir Abdul Mannan Memorial Gold Medal for academic excellence in the LLM Final Examination
  • Justice Abdulla Gold Medal for academic excellence in the LLM Final Examination


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Presentations at Conferences

  1. 'Trapped Beyond Borders: Human Rights and Plight of the Forced Displaced Rakhine Rohingya in Bangladesh’, Brown International Advanced Research Institutes, Brown University, USA, 2-16 Jun 2018.
  2. ‘Asian States’ Reliance on the Concept of ‘Irregular Migration’: Is it Prolonging the Refugee Crisis in Asia?’, 108th Annual Conference of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS), Dublin, Ireland,  4-9 Sep 2017.
  3. ‘Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide: Humanising the Struggle of Stateless Rohingyans’, Asia and Global South: An International Conference (by the Crime and Justice Research Centre, QUT, and the Asian Criminological Society), Queensland, Australia, 9-13 Jul 2017.
  4. ‘Is EU Diminishing the Spirit of the Principle of non-refoulement?: A Study of the EU Legal Regime and Recent Practices for the Refugees’, Australia and New Zealand Society of International Law (ANZSIL) Conference, Canberra, Australia, 29 Jun-01 Jul 2017.
  5. ‘Constitutional Change and Security Force Dynamics and Asia and Southeast Asia: An Example from Myanmar’, British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) Annual Conference, Nottingham, the UK, 19-21 Apr 2017.
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  10. ‘The Emerging Socio-economic Rights’, Colloquium on Constitutional Law on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Bangladesh Constitution ( by Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 9 Mar 2012.

Research Interests

International Law, International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law


  • Bangladesh Bar Council, Member
  • Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS), Life Member
  • The British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS), Member
  • The Society of Legal Scholars (SLS), Member

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