How to apply

How to apply

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The Social Justice Clinic provides an amazing opportunity for students to experience more practical-focused units and develop the skills needed to work in the social advocacy area, framed in terms of real-life case studies.

Students will work face to face with a solicitor teacher for one day a week in the clinic on campus but are also expected to undertake an additional six to eight hours of independent work per week outside this setting.

Online modules will provide the knowledge and skills required to participate in a clinical legal environment (eg confidentiality and privilege, ethical and reflective practice, research and writing skills). Assessment will be based on reflective learning and the development of a portfolio of legal writing relevant to the matter(s) being worked on.

Our partners

Two organisations will be participating at the clinic in Session 2, 2017:

  1. National Justice Project: Students will assist Adjunct Professor George Newhouse with his caseload from the National Justice Project (NJP). Students will be required to attend the clinic in person from 10am to 4pm on Fridays, from week 1 to week 13. Find out more about the NJP.
  2. Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS): Students will work with Jemma Hollands, senior lawyer and manager at RACS, assisting with casework and undertaking background research. Students will be required to attend the clinic in person from 10am to 4pm on Wednesdays, from week 1 to week 13.  Find out more about RACS.

Apply now

Applications for students enrolling in LAWS478 Macquarie University Social Justice Clinic for Session 1, 2018, are now open.

LAWS478 is a designated PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) unit, and you can still apply if you have previously completed a different Law PACE unit.

Applications close at 10pm on Monday 20 November 2017.  

Late, incomplete or wrongly directed applications will not be processed.


Enrolments for the clinic are capped at 16 students (eight students with the NJP and eight with RACS). Applicants must have completed a minimum of 24 credit points from units with a LAW or LAWS prefix and will be selected based on GPA only. Ideally, students at the clinic will have completed LAW477 Advocacy – but we understand this may not always be possible. 

How to apply

Applications must be submitted via email to by 10pm Monday 20 November. 

Subject line: Application for LAWS478 Macquarie University Social Justice Clinic

Your application should include the following information:

  1. Why you wish to be considered for the unit, and why you are a suitable candidate.
  2. A copy of your academic transcript.
  3. Whether you would like to be considered for the NJP or RACS placement. If you would like to be considered for both, indicate your preference.
  4. One of the following statements:
  • I am not applying for LAWS538.
  • I am applying for LAWS478 and LAWS538, and I will undertake both if accepted.
  • I am applying for LAWS478 and LAWS538, but my preference is LAW478.
  • I am applying for LAWS478 and LAWS538, but my preference is LAWS538.

If you are offered a place in either or both units, you will be asked by faculty PACE to undertake a commitment to enrol. It is important that you do not apply to take any of these units unless you are entirely sure you wish to do so.

Next steps

Application outcomes for both LAWS478 and LAWS538 will be notified by email by 10pm on Wednesday 22 November 2017.

Successful applicants will be contacted by faculty PACE Management regarding enrolments, and you will be required to complete a PACE student undertaking. Waivers will then be entered to enable enrolment in LAWS478 in Session 1, 2018.

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