Information for Authors

Information for Authors

All articles are to be submitted to Sutur at

Articles are to be between 2500-300 words. Op-eds should be between 1,500-2000 words and reviews between 500-750 words in length. Referencing should be in-text and include a bibliography which is not to be counted in the word length.

Style guidelines

Whilst we are willing to help out with editing the work of authors whose first language is not English, we expect other manuscripts to come to us in a finally edited form. This entails following the guidelines below:

  1. Any track changes or headers and footers removed. Justify text to the left.
  2. Text should be in Microsoft Word.        
  3. References are to be in-text with a full annotated bibliography included (see details below).  Endnotes may be used but kept to a minimum.
  4. Single quotation marks should be used for quotations within text (with double quotes within these where necessary).
  5. Paragraphs should be separated by a one line space but not indented.
  6. British rather than US spelling should be used.
  7. Ibid. is used to denote an immediately prior citation; otherwise the reference should be repeated, e.g. (Hourani, 1991: 16).
  8. Dates should appear as follows: 8 December 2006; 1990s (no apostrophe); twentieth century.
  9. Numbers from one to nine in words; percentages and decimals written in figures; fractions spelt out as one-half, three-quarters etc. 
  10. Bibliography in the following style: (For books:)  Hourani, A. 1991. A History of the Arab Peoples. London: Faber Limited.Mamdani, M., 2004. Good Muslim, bad Muslim: America, cold war and the roots of terrorism.  Kampala: Fountain Publishers.
    (For book chapters:) Abou-El-Haj, R.A. 2000. 'Historiography in West Asian and North African Studies since Sa'id's Orientalism' in Vinay Bahl and Arif Dirlik, History after the Three Worlds.  Oxford: Rowan and Littlefield Publishers, pp. 67-84.
    (For journal articles:) Samatar, A. I., 2007.  Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, US warlordism & AU shame.  Review of African Political Economy, No. 111, pp. 155-164.
    (For websites:) Amin, Samir, 2010. Global currency wars, US imperialism and the global South, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal, [Accessed 26 May 2011].

Articles will be circulated amongst the editorial board and reviewed before accepted for publication.

Special Editions:

Sutur invites submissions for special editions. Please email the editor for further information at

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