Sutur Online Journal

Sutur Online Journal

Call for Papers for New Middle East and North African Studies On-Line Journal

Sutur: Journal of Middle East and North African Studies

SUTUR (سطور) is an interdisciplinary on-line journal. Our name (and inspiration) comes from the Arabic word Sutur which amongst a number of meanings describes a line or lines of a story. Here we take the word Sutur to refer to our role in contributing to knowledge about the Middle East and North Africa in the same way that a line or lines of a story contribute to the overall narrative. Also, in a way that is similar to any part of a story, the contributions that appear in Sutur rely for their significance and meaning on that which has come before and what is yet to come. Our task then is to be one part of the greater and to do so in a way that fits within the scholarly framework.

Focus and Scope:

Sutur is dedicated to the publication of scholarly and scientific material. The journal focuses on socially relevant issues related to political, economic and socio-cultural problems and events in the Middle East and North Africa as well as the international dimension of the Middle East and North Africa. Our goal is to provide insights and analysis rather than just current news which can be sourced from elsewhere. However, we do not exclude informed op-eds on current issues once they have been through the refereeing process, in the same manner as all other articles submitted to Sutur.

Sutur is open to a myriad of ideas and perspectives but we take our responsibility of free speech seriously and are vigilant in respecting all groups and will not publish material that is racist or discriminatory on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. At Sutur we aim to promote understanding, tolerance and ideas that work towards peace and unity in the Middle East and North Africa and beyond.

Each issue of the journal contains three 2,500-3000 word articles, and one or two 1,500-2,000 considered pieces from an established figure in the field, and two book review of between 500 and 750 words each. Full details of the publication are available at

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