Our research

Our research

Our exploration of the interaction between language and culture is the department’s strength in research, and has been recognised as ‘above world standard’ by the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation. Our research in language studies and literary studies were regarded as being ‘at world standard’.

In our world-class research, we investigate the role of language in relation to the creation and representation of cultural identities and their impact on linguistic and literary products in social life. Our research focuses on the nexus between language and culture: we explore a diverse range of research areas using multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches, publishing in fields that can be loosely grouped under 'Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Studies'. While some research is centred on language and translation, another strong area of interest is in the theory and history of cultural productions – such as literature, film and theatre performance – in national and transnational contexts.

The Department is home to specialists in a variety of research areas, some unique to Macquarie University, who are sought-after for their expertise both locally and internationally.

Areas of focus include:

  • Literary productions, film and theatre in specific languages and in the context of intercultural interactions
  • Impact of globalisation, migration and (post)-colonialisation processes on cultural identities
  • Applied Linguistics, such as corpus based approaches to language teaching, computer-mediated communication in second language acquisition and general language teaching methodology. This area is proudly affiliated with Professor Martina Möllering, Executive Dean and member of the Australian Language and Culture Network (LCNAU).
  • Historical, ethnographic and anthropological studies in a range of different linguistic, cultural, historical and sociopolitical contexts.
  • Cultural productions and socio-political issues, such as Transitional Justice and Human Rights, in the Australian, Asian, European, Latin American and Pacific contexts.

Study centres

The department is home to two study centres with international ties:

HDR research projects

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