Centre activities

Centre activities

Programs and Activities

The MJS Centre serves the needs of  the community.  The Centre aims to maintain and improve the standard of Japanese education by expanding learning opportunities for teachers, prospective teachers and students of the Japanese language and culture.

The Centre promotes 'Intercultural Language Learning' (IcLL), in support of the current direction of language teaching in Australian schools:

Why Intercultural Language Learning now?

National Plan for Language Education in Australian Schools MCCETYA (Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs)

Education in a global community brings with it an increasing need to focus on developing inter-cultural understanding. This involves the integration of language, culture and learning. Intercultural language learning contributes to the overall education of learners, developing in them the capabilities to:

  • Communicate, interact and negotiate within and across language and cultures
  • Understand themselves and others, and to understand and use diverse ways of knowing, being and doing
  • Further develop their cognitive skills through thinking critically and analytically, solving problems, and making connections in their learning

Centred around IcLL, the MJS Centre's activities are focused on the following areas:

  • Support of the teaching of Japanese in the community
  • Development of innovative teaching resources, multimedia teaching resources in particular
  • Promote research to improve the quality of teaching practice of Japanese language/culture in the community
  • Provide the community with innovative learning experience

Scholarships and Grants

Research scholarships (Ph.D)

The MJS Centre at Macquarie University offers scholarships for the promotion of sound high quality teaching and/or practice of Japanese Language and culture in the community. We invite applicants with a research interest in:

  1. Japanese language and pedagogy; or
  2. Japanese area study eg. International relations, economics, sociology/anthropology

Preference will be given to a research topic which is practical and can contribute to teaching development in the community. It is our hope that every effort our students make in understanding/exploring topics not previously studied will lead to better understanding between Australia and Japan.

MJS Centre Online Resources Development Grant

The primary purpose of this grant scheme is to support the development and maintenance of theoretically sound high quality teaching resources for the community. Main targeted areas are:

  1. resources to remedy problem areas of language teaching which will benefit the wider community
  2. resources for Japanese culture and area study or
  3. fundamental research that would offer theoretical foundation for future resources development.

New South Wales Japanese Language Contest

The Contest has been held annually since 1969 to encourage learners who are studying Japanese to showcase their language skills in a challenging context. In collaboration with Conculate-General of Japan Sydney,  the Japan Foundation, NSW DEET, represented by the Academic Advisory Committee, the Centre endeavours to continue this tradition to foster the Community interest in learning Japanese language and culture.

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