Imaging a liveable city

Imaging a liveable city

Imaging a liveable city: Analysing the conceptualisation of urban design and its meaning for residents in modern high-rise apartment buildings in Sydney.

This research seeks to explore how geographic location, materials, and design are impacted by the multiple influences of sociocultural practices, structures, values and meaning within the context of urban life in Pyrmont, Sydney. To analyse the myriad of factors that influence the changing cityscape, this research will first explore how Pier 99, a newly constructed mixed use building in Pyrmont, was conceptualised and developed.

Residents of 97 Pyrmont Bridge Road are invited to participate in a study of how modern architecture affects peoples’ understanding of their home. The purpose of the study is compared and contrast residents’ impressions of the building with the intentions of the architect who designed the building. This will determine whether the architect was successful in creating the environment that they imagined.

To participate in the survey, please click Imaging a liveable city

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