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News and events

SSEC calendar of events for 2018

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"The unique emphasis of our Society is one of history. The study of Early Christianity in its Jewish and Graeco Roman Setting."

  June- July no events due to University winter break. - -

Thurs 16 August

Lunch time event 12:30pm (sharp)

SSEC Lunchtime event : 12:30pm (sharp)

Speaker: Daryn Graham (Macquarie Uni graduate)
Topic: "What Happened to St Paul's Churches' Donation to Jerusalem? The Story of How an Early Christian  Multi-Church Collection Succeeded in Saving the Jerusalem Church From Extinction"

Daryn Graham is author of "Rome and Parthia: Power, Politics and Profit" and  "Finding the Lost Years of Jesus: A Christian Approach"

Venue: TBA Confirmed no charge, cause a lunch time event


Time: TBA

TBA: Possible Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscript event

Possibly 2 days workshop



Thurs 25  October

SSEC Evening Event  Dr Karin Sowada

Speaker: Dr Karin Sowada  (Macquarie)
Topic: Archaeology, the Bible and the Media

Dr Sowada is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Project 'Pyramids, Power and the Dynamics of States in Crisis'.

Dr Karin Sowada (Macquarie)

Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room (X5B) level 3
29 Wally's walk

gold coin donation

Tues 27 Nov 7:05pm

SSEC Christmas Function   Dr John Dickson

Speaker: Dr John Dickson,
Topic: Christ or Caesar?  A Christmas Reflection

This event will include a champagne supper

Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room (X5B) level 3
29 Wally's walk

gold coin donation

Note: TBA denotes that these dates are only provisional. Some speakers are coming to Australia to attend conferences, and other universities and they have not confirmed their travel arrangements yet.Dates will appear on the web site as soon as they are confirmed.

Parking: Macquarie University enforces parking charges up to 8:00pm daily. Parking charges are $10 for 1 hour, $15 for 3 hours, $40 all day (or for more than 4 hours). Current rates for 2018. As seminars start at 7:05pm, attendees need only pay for one hour. We suggest public transport, buses or train to Macquarie University train station.

Parking March 2018 update : The University is on the process of changing some parking costs and availability. We will advise what we know, but also suggest you check on arrival.

Cost March 2018 Update: The SSEC committee recently voted to abolish all entry costs for meetings. There will instead be a strictly optional gold coin donation. In the past the money thus raised once the supper etc costs were met was banked and went towards the costs of the scholarships  prizes etc supported by SSEC. If needed at the treasurer's  discretion some of these may be a little cut back. However It was felt and agreed that the members deserve the main consideration.

Non SSEC Events

These are other ancient history events of interest to SSEC members.

Teacher's Conference : "Reimagining the Ancient World. A Methodological Perspective on the New Syllabus"

This is a combination Ancient History Teachers Conference and Studies of Religion Teachers Conference has a methodological theme and will focus on the handling of ancient evidence. Each speaker will treat a topic from a particular methodological angle using a case study drawn from their area of expertise, and closely linked to either (or both) the Ancient History and Study of Religion syllabi. This should make all talks of use to you even if you do not teach in the content area of the case study. Of particular concern are the requirements of the new Ancient History syllabus.

  • To all of you who are, have been, or would like to be teachers of Ancient History or Studies of Religion, here is your chance.
  • Also, if you have children or grandchildren in the school system and would like to be better informed, do come along. You will find it very informative.
  • The conference is being opened by the NSW State Minister for Education.

Dr Gil Davis and Dr Lea Beness - Convenors. Contact us if you have any questions

The conference will take place on 15 May 2018 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Venue: Art Gallery of New South Wales

You can now Register for the Teacher's conference

More details are shown below:

See:  Schedule, with abstracts and speaker biographies

Continuing Education For First Session 2018

Information is available about these ancient history courses for first session 2018.  For further information please contact:
Phone: (02) 9850 9962 or (02) 9850 7512 Email:

PDF of all the subjects & details (PDF 550kB)

Enrolment cut off date is Tuesday 27 February 2018.

Disclaimer. SSEC Newsletter Editors' Note: "The Society takes no position on the intellectual content of papers and articles."
"The unique emphasis of our Society is one of history. The study of Early Christianity in its Jewish and Graeco Roman Setting." Prof Alanna Nobbs has asked for this disclaimer to be added to all SSEC correspondence eg SSEC eNewsletters, SSEC website & SSEC facebook etc.

The SSEC office is only open on a part time basis, and manned by volunteers, please leave a message on our answering machine, or send us a friendly email to

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