Geographical Setting

Geographical Setting

Ancient Israel in its Near Eastern Context - Bronze Age

Ancient Israel in its Near Eastern Context - Iron Age

The Northern Kingdom of Israel

Quick maps for the Northern Kingdom of Israel

Map of important sites

 Israel sites 

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Ancient Israel northern kingdom 

Kingdoms of Ancient Israel and Judah c.830 BC

Kingdoms of Israel and Judah


Kingdoms of Ancient Israel and Judah during the Iron Age, with significant sites highlighted. 

Iron Age Ancient Israel

I. Finkelstein (2007), The Quest for the Historical Israel: Debating Archaeology and the History of Early Israel, p.x


For information on the geographical setting, natural resources and features, see the following sources:


Aharoni, Y. (1979), The Land of the Bible: A Historical Geography (trans. and ed. by A.F. Rainey). 

(You can find this source in Google Books!)

pp.3-6: Introduction to the geographical setting and its role in relation to the Fertile Crescent.

pp.8-11: Climate

pp.11-13: Geological characteristics of the land and its agricultural potential.

pp.13-19: Economy

pp.22-24: Jezreel Valley and a map of Israel’s different regions. 

pp.28-29: Mount Ephraim.

Hindmarsh, H. and C. Harnack (2009), The Near East: Nelson Ancient History.pp.130-133: General outline of the geographical setting of Ancient Israel.
Rainey, A.F. and R.S. Notley (2014), The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World 2nd ed.

p.38: A good map for the different regions of the land

p.39: Very brief geographical description of Jezreel and Samaria, with emphasis on their mentions in the bible.

pp.41-42: Climate, with emphasis on how the rainfall regime dictated the cultivation of the land throughout the year.

Rogerson, J. (1985), The New Atlas of the Bible.

pp.58-60: Overview of the geography

p.63: Map of vegetation of ancient Israel (the smaller map)

pp.146-151: Geographical description of the heartland of the Kingdom of Israel (Bethel, Samaria, Carmel and Jezreel) with detailed topographical maps.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah

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