Ancient Israel Program

Ancient Israel Program

Teaching Resources for Ancient Israel and the Ancient Near East

Virtual Site Study - Khirbet el-Rai
Macquarie University's current archaeological dig in Israel. All the resources you need for a virtual site study, Years 7-12.

Year 11 Preliminary Ancient History - Ancient Near East Options
Resources for Features of Ancient Societies, reading list for a case study on Masada and more.

Year 12 HSC Ancient History - Ancient Near East Options
HSC teaching resources including scope and sequence, resources for Ancient Societies: Ancient Israel, Historical Period: First Temple Period, Personalities: Sennacherib and much more!

Ancient Israel and Ancient Near East teaching toolbox
Check out this gold mine of data on teaching Ancient History and Ancient Israel & the Near East.

MU170Phoenician Amphora, Beersheba Israel.
MU170, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Photo by Effy Alexakis, photowrite

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