Resources for Schools - Interactive and Fun

Resources for Schools - Interactive and Fun

Interesting and Fun activities and multimedia resources for Ancient Israel

A world history model that lets you go any place on any date and explore down to the street-level of history -- then edit it. This model will have nations and cities like a traditional static historical atlas, and also ships, armies, buildings, and people.,45.65190&zoom=8

Follow the prompts...make your own discovery?

Fly Through the Temple of Solomon (First Temple 3D recreations)

Isaac Newton's Temple of Solomon - Flythrough

A video flythrough of a computer reconstruction of Isaac Newton's Temple of Solomon. This reconstruction of Newton's Temple follows his description as closely as possible and where Newton only gave a minimal description, i.e. measurement and the number of floors, the building is kept as the basic structure and no extra elements are added.

Author: SpringerVideos, uploaded Mar 7, 2011

Solomons Temple

Fly through a 3D reconstruction for Solomon’s Temple (First Temple)

Author: rmishael's channel, uploaded Jan 5, 2007

Time capsules: short movies flying through the timeline of Ancient Israel

Jerusalem: 4000 Years in 5 Minutes

Uploaded on May 30, 2011

Jerusalem, a mosaic of different peoples, faiths, and nationalities. Nevertheless, despite this diversity, under the sovereignty of Israel, Jerusalem is a city that works. But has it always been this way?

The Time Compass: The Ancient Israelites

Described and captioned media program

Short movie (19 mins) covering vast periods of time:

Explores Jewish history, from Abraham's people journeying to the Promised Land up to the Final Diaspora. Students learn of Joseph's exile in Egypt, Moses and the Ten Commandments, the 40 years of wandering in the desert, and the establishment of Judea and Israel. They also learn the significance of the Torah, the Arc of the Covenant, the destruction of Solomon's temple, and the memory of the Holy Land kept alive by Jewish rituals.

Preview (3 mins) also available at:

Mr. Donn's Site for Kids & Teachers

Ancient Israel basic introduction: Free PowerPoint Presentations

See especially links to the PowerPoint Presentations for:

Ancient Israel

The Ancient Hebrews

The Ancient Middle East

Macrohistory and world timeline

Abraham to David (Israelites as Canaanites)

Archaeological Discoveries

Eli Shukron on Pool of Siloam Discovery From Original Site of Jerusalem

Published on 25 Sep 2014

Living Passages partner, Eli Shukron, on CNN discussing the details of his Pool of Siloam discovery.The rock-cut pool is located on the southern slope of the City of David, the original site of Jerusalem, located outside the walls of the Old City to the southeast.

Ancient Israel Found In Egyptian Hieroglyphics {Merneptah Stele}

Published on 4 Jan 2015

Dating back to 1200 BC archaeological proof of an ancient existence of a people by the name of "Israel" in Egypt.

(Especially the first 2 minutes)

The Moabite Stone

Uploaded on 3 Jun 2010

Brief explanation of the Mesha stele, one of the most astounding archaeological finds pertaining to Biblical history.

For the name YHWH and the relation to the word Jehovah

Ancient Israel Activities

Canaan and Ancient Israel at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 

Activity Examples: 

  • Locate the following modern territories on a map of the eastern Mediterranean area:
    • Jordan | Israel | West Bank | Gaza Strip |Syria | Lebanon
      Saudi Arabia | Egypt | Cyprus | Turkey | Sinai Peninsula
  • Locate the following excavated sites on a blank map of the southern Levant:
    • Baq'ah Valley | Gibeon | Sarepta
      Tel Beth Shean | Tel Beth Shemesh | Tel es- Sa'idiyeh
  • Create a chronological chart of your own life, complete with a time line.Can you divide your own life into "eras" or "ages"?
  • Visit Activity: Make a chronological chart or time line of the Bronze and Iron Ages in Canaan and Ancient Israel. Search through the gallery and find an object from each time period.
Politics and Social Organization 
  • The Early Bronze Age
    • Canaanites in the Early Bronze Age lived both as wandering nomads in the countryside and as settled traders in walled cities. What would have been the differences between these two modes of life? Which lifestyle would you prefer?
  • The Middle Bronze Age
    • What do objects in a Middle Bronze Age tomb reveal about the person buried in it (age, sex, status, etc.)? How do archaeologists interpret these finds?
    • What offerings have archaeologists found in and around ancient burials? What offerings do we place in and around graves? Why? What do they symbolize, then and now?
  • The Late Bronze Age
    • The Canaanites traded with far off lands for goods and luxury items. This included faience and ivory from Egypt, ceramic and leather goods from Greece, spices from Arabia, copper from Cyprus and lapis lazuli and tin from beyond Persia. Think about your own possessions and where they may have come from originally. Make a list of common household objects (i.e. clothes, car, television, food) and find out from where they originally came.
    • Towards the end of the Late Bronze Age, the nature of warfare changed from battles between organized chariot corps with bowmen to battles between masses of infantry troops with spears and swords. How has modern warfare changed in the last century?

BBC History’s Hunt the Ancestor Game 

A fun Archaeology game

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