Resources for Schools - Epigraphic Texts and Inscriptions

Resources for Schools - Epigraphic Texts and Inscriptions

Epigraphic Texts and Inscriptions

Use the following sites to search for texts related to Ancient Israel, including:

  • Beit YHWH ostracon
  • Ekron inscription
  • El Kerak inscription
  • Gezer Calendar
  • Lachish ostracon
  • Melqart stele
  • Moabite stele or Mesha stele
  • Sennacherib Prism
  • Siloam Tunnel inscription
  • Tel Dan inscription
  • Widow’s Petition ostracon
  • Yavneh-Yam ostracon
Bible History Online.

Ancient Israel: Texts & Inscriptions

Ancient Israel and the Near East

Dead Sea Scrolls.
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Fordham University, New York

Internet History Sourcebook: Israel.

The National Monarchy (c.1020-586 BCE) National Monarchy

K.C. Hanson

Collection of Ancient Documents

See especially:


               An Image Database of Inscriptions and Artifacts

               University of Southern California. West Semitic Research


Inscriptions from the Land of Israel / Palestine

Michael L. Satlow
University of Virginia



Sefaria: a living library of Jewish Texts

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