Survey: The Historical and Geographical Context

Survey: The Historical and Geographical Context

Option H- Survey:

Geographical Setting and Resources of Attica and Neighbours:


  • Xeno., Poroi 1.2-4: “…To drive home the truth of this statement I will first describe the natural properties of Attica. The extreme mildness of the seasons here is shown by the actual products. At any rate, plants that will not even grow in many countries bear fruit here. Not less productive than the land is the sea around the coasts. Notice too that the good things which the gods send in their season all come in earlier here and go out later than elsewhere. And the pre-eminence of the land is not only in the things that bloom and wither annually: she has other good things that last for ever. Nature has put in her abundance of stone, from which are fashioned lovely temples and lovely altars, and goodly statues for the gods. Many Greeks and barbarians alike have need of it.”

Old fashioned map of Athens

City plan of Athens and Environs in Ancient Greece

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