Focus of Study: Cultural and Everyday Life

Focus of Study: Cultural and Everyday Life

Option H: Cultural and Everyday Life, including: 

Temple of Hephaistos, Agora of Athens


Modern scholarship:


Modern Scholarship:


Modern Scholarship:

Leisure Activities:


  • Xeno., On Hunting.
  • Xeno., Symposium.
  • Xeno., Oeconomicus 5.5; 11.15-18: the activities of a leisurely Athenian gentleman.
  • Plut., Life of Alkibiades 11.1-2: on chariot-racing, which was an aristocratic sport.

Marriage Customs:


  • On the perceived role of Athenian wives, see Xeno., Oeconomicus 7.3-13, 18-20, 35-37, 41-42.
  • Archilochos, 326
  • Anth. Pal. 6.133
  • Plut., Solon 20.2–23.2
  • On divorce, see [Andocides], 4 Against Alkibiades 13–15.

Modern Scholarship

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