Resources for Year 12 Ancient Greek Studies

Resources for Year 12 Ancient Greek Studies

Drawing of a Korinthian basis and capitalAncient Societies:

Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra 371 BC (Option G)
Athenian Society in the Time of Pericles (Option H)

General Historiographical Issues:

The Three-Bar Sigma


These webpages present a collection of key literary, epigraphic and archaeological material relating to the Ancient Greek electives offered within the Ancient History syllabus. This also contains modern articles and books, with access provided through online platforms or by the authors for your use.

These references are accompanied with a brief discussion of the central issues confronting the use of particular primary evidence, as well as a synopsis of the current modern scholarship relating to the topic, to assist your understanding of the source.

Resources written and complied by David Richey-Lowe (Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University)

Illustration from Illustrerad

verldshistoria by E. Wallis, volume I

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