Geographical and Historical Context for Ancient Australia

Geographical and Historical Context for Ancient Australia

Here you will find some useful online resources to approach the study of the historical and geographical context for Ancient Australia.


  • A timeline can be found on the Creative Spirits site, a site dedicated to the exploration of Indigenous culture: Korff, J 2019, Searchable Aboriginal History Timeline
    • See the section on Ancient History: Timeline results for 3000 to 500000Note: the first claim on the timeline (placing human occupation in Australia at 400,000 years Before Present) is unsubstantiated by any scientific or historical research.
  • It is useful to have a conversation with your students about the Aboriginal concept of time and how linear progression is not always a relevant way to approach or understand the history of this culture. For a more in-depth conversation starter, see the movie Ten Canoes and discuss how time is represented here.


Scope and Diversity of Aboriginal Language Groups

  • Interactive Language Map from First Languages Australia.
    This map allows you to type in a suburb and see its language group or type in a language group and see its region. E.g. type in the suburb of your school and see the corresponding language group.
  • My Grandmother’s Lingo SBS program.
    This is an approximately 10 minute long interactive language journey program that explores Indigenous connection to Country and language whilst teaching students a bit of an Indigenous language, Marra.


Monash University website with interactive representation of Australian landscape changing through ancient past:

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