Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Position Name Location Phone (02) 9850 ext. Email
Associate Dean, Learning and TeachingAssoc Prof Peter Keegan238,10HA8819peter.keegan@mq.edu.au
Associate Dean, Quality and Standards Assoc Prof Panos Vlachopoulos 239,10HA 7938 panos.vlachopoulos@mq.edu.au
Senior Learning Designer Beth Saunders AHH L2 4097 beth.saunders@mq.edu.au
Learning DesignerBettina PfaendnerAHH L24097bettina.pfaendner@mq.edu.au
Learning DesignerGai RameshAHH L24097gai.ramesh@mq.edu.au
Online Education Support Cathy Mewes AHH L2 7033 cathy.mewes@mq.edu.au
Student Engagement CoordinatorSusan OmundsenAHH L24087susan.omundsen@mq.edu.au
Career Development Consultant Tania Currie AHH L2 1014 tania.currie@mq.edu.au
Manager Student AdministrationLynn Negus233,10HA6783ask.mq.edu.au
Arts Student Centre OfficerMaryanne Byrnes233,10HA4088ask.mq.edu.au
Arts Student Centre OfficerRina Budiawan233,10HA6783ask.mq.edu.au
Arts Student Centre Officer Carmen Guzman 233,10HA 6783 ask.mq.edu.au
Arts Student Centre Officer James Mallen 233,10HA 6783 ask.mq.edu.au
Arts Student Centre Officer Alice Maher 233,10HA 6783 ask.mq.edu.au


PACE Faculty Academic Director Dr Michaela Baker AHH L2 7039 michaela.baker@mq.edu.au
PACE Faculty Participation Manager Marie Kelliher AHH L2 6818 marie.kelliher@mq.edu.au
Senior PACE Faculty Participation Officer Selina O'Regan AHH L2 4469 selina.oregan@mq.edu.au
PACE Faculty Officer Sian Paine AHH L2 2149 sian.paine@mq.edu.au
PACE Faculty Officer Rajika Rajagopalan AHH L2 1012 rajika.rajagopalan@mq.edu.au
PACE Faculty Officer Liz Smith AHH L2 4469 liz.smith@mq.edu.au

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