HDR and MRes

HDR and MRes

Position Name Location Phone (02) 9850 ext.  Email

Associate Dean, HDR

Dr Noah Bassil 

10HA 234 8811noah.bassil@mq.edu.au
Faculty MRes Director        Dr Linda Evans16UA 8802linda.evans@mq.edu.au 
Faculty HDR/MRes Manager Maryanne Hozijan 10HA 225 4238


HDR Learning AdvisorDr Michelle Jamieson12FW 7027036michelle.jamieson@mq.edu.au
Arts MRes OfficerLaura Aubrey10HA 2254099arts.mres@mq.edu.au
Arts MRes/HDR Officer                        Hannah Choi                    10HA 225 6894        


Arts HDR/MRes Officer Dr Beppie Keane 10HA 225 4092 arts.hdr@mq.edu.au
Arts HDR Officer Dr Nicholas Strobbe 10HA 225 6810 arts.hdr@mq.edu.au

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