Screen practice and production

Screen practice and production

About Screen Practice and Production

Studying Screen Practice and Production will develop your skills in the writing and production of  screen media, from initial concept  through to shooting, editing, post-production and critical reflection.  Our production work is grounded in an understanding of the history  and culture of  moving images around the globe.   The Screen Practice and Production major equips students with the  ‘soft’ skills in idea generation, storytelling, visualisation,  research and development, project management, team-work and collaboration that are highly valued by contemporary employers.    

Our screen units are taught by highly respected screen professionals in cutting-edge facilities,. They encompass world-class studios, industry-standard cameras, lights and sound recording gear and computer labs equipped with  professional picture editing and sound software.

Macquarie University graduates skilled in screen practice and production work in film and television, online production and advertising, digital storytelling and video games, technology start-ups and practice as video or digital artists.

What Screen includes

For complete information on units, visit the Macquarie University Handbook website.

MMCCS offers a range of Screen Practice and Production units focused on developing and producing creative screen ideas and understanding the concepts, contexts and histories of screen media in many forms  Areas covered include: screenwriting at an introductory and more advanced levels; screen production, including collaborative filmmaking and development of skills in image, sound and story;  screen studies and a opportunity for an internship in the screen industries.

Ways to study Screen

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Screen Practice and Production  can be studied as a major in a qualifying degree, as a minor, or as elective units of study.

Undergraduate degrees focusing on Screen include:

Bachelor of Media with a major in Screen Practice and Production (new for 2017)
Bachelor of Media with a major in Screen, Sound, Performance (new for 2017)
Bachelor of Media with a major in Media Studies (new for 2017)
Bachelor of Arts with a major in Screen Practice and Production (new for 2017)
Bachelor of Arts with a major in Screen, Sound, Performance (new for 2017)
Bachelor of Arts with a major in Media Studies (new for 2017)

Postgraduate degrees focusing on Screen  include:

Master of Creative Industries

Screen practice and production can also be studied as a postgraduate research degree (PhD and MRes). For more information on higher degree research, visit Macquarie's Research Degrees website.


For complete information on staff research, visit the MMCCS Staff page.

Screen teaching staff are active researchers and practitioners, and are involved in diverse aspects of screen creativity, including drama, documentary, dance-film, community-driven film, hybrids and essay films.  Our productions are regularly broadcast and screened nationally and internationally at festivals, and we are active participants in Australian screen culture and authors of widely read books on screen practice  and theory.


For information on Screen facilities, visit the Facilities page.

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