Arts Industries and Management

Arts Industries and Management

About Arts Industries and Management

Art galleryThe creative and cultural industries are tied to a new media ecosystem and global economy. Arts Industries and Management provides students with critical insights into the structure and function of the global creative industries, and of management roles within this sector. This area concerns artistic creativity within an industrial context, and helps students to develop ideas concerning the future of the arts and entertainment industries.

Arts Industries and Management covers creativity and collaboration, managing groups within the creative industries, as well as the ‘creative cities’ and the ‘creative class’ within which creative groups are located. In addition, it considers national cultural policies and the differences between various nations’ creative industries.

What Arts Industries and Management includes

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Students combine theoretical knowledge with practical study, and can select from research-based and creative units that use cutting-edge facilities, including fully-equipped performance spaces, computer labs with a range of up-to-date production software, industry-standard recording studios, and practice rooms.

Arts Industries and Management culminates with a PACE unit that links a work placement to research topics relating to the management of creativity, creative conflict, distributed creativity as well as to case studies of best practices for fostering collective creativity. This placement builds on partnership agreements Macquarie University has in place with leading arts organisations, advertising and media agencies, design consultancies, and the cultural precincts and incubators that make Sydney such a vibrant and creative city.

Ways to study Arts Industries and Management

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Arts Industries and Management can be studied as a major in a qualifying degree, as a minor, or as elective units of study.

Undergraduate degrees focusing on Arts Industries and Management include:

Bachelor of Arts in Arts Industries and Management

These majors can also be studied as part of a combined or double degree, e.g. Bachelor of Business Administration with the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Arts Industries and Management

Postgraduate degrees focusing on Arts Industries and Management include:

Master of Creative Industries

Arts Industries and Management can also be studied as a postgraduate research degree (PhD and MRes). For more information on higher degree research, visit Macquarie's Research Degrees website.


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Arts Industries and Management teaching staff are active researchers and practitioners, and are involved in diverse aspects of the arts, including the Australian music industries, dance and performance, circus arts, contemporary singing, vocal pedagogy, music production, ethnomusicology, music, audio-visual performance, creativity research, and popular music aesthetics.


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