Current and future projects

SPARC initiatives

 Chinese Lantern

Visiting Chair in soft power and public diplomacy

Each year Macquarie University will offer a Visiting Chair position to an international scholar. This scholar and other leading academics will spend time at Macquarie conducting research, giving lectures and engaging in policy debates.

Engaging media

SPARC will host teams of media professionals from China, India and other neighbouring countries. The aim is for these groups to learn more about Australia, and in the case of projects involving both China and India, about themselves.

In 2011 SPARC successfully completed the Australia-China Council funded 'Engaging Chinese Media Professionals' project, in partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Tsinghua University.

Engaging educators

Educational professionals from China, India and other neighbouring countries will be brought to Australia to develop intercultural protocols for teaching. In 2012 the Australia-China Council funded the 'Increasing intercultural awareness' program which was conducted by SPARC through a partnership with South China Normal University.

Engaging student film-makers

Teams of student film makers from China, India and other neighbouring countries will be brought to Australia so they can produce documentaries about our country for audiences in their homelands

Chindia Day

SPARC will collaborate with community groups in developing an annual inter-cultural celebration involving members of the Chinese and Indian Diasporas at Macquarie University. This event will celebrate aspects of individual and shared culture.

Educational and training programs

SPARC, in collaboration with Macquarie University's Faculty of Arts, will launch courses in soft power and public diplomacy leading to certificates, diplomas and a Masters for locally based diplomats and other students of public diplomacy.

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