Jon Burtt

Jon Burtt

Jon Burtt is a director, choreographer and performer working in intermedia performance, and combining dance, physical theatre, circus, interactive technology, video and text.

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Jon has attracted significant critical acclaim, and national and international recognition for his directorial and choreographic work, which has toured extensively throughout Australia and Asia. His work has been presented in festivals such as Shanghai International Arts Festival, the Sydney International Arts Festival and the Perth International Arts Festival and in venues worldwide including the Sydney Opera House, Shanghai Circus World, the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, and the Homi Baba Centre in Mumbai.

Jon's teaching expertise covers contemporary dance, ballet, improvisation techniques, partnering, yoga, aerial dance and circus, performance creation and choreography. His social arts work has taken him to many isolated communities around the world including working with youth at risk in Aboriginal communities in Australia and in Inuit communities in the sub-arctic region of northern Quebec.

Jon completed his MA on Mallakhamb, an Indian form of yogic rope work and is currently completing his PhD on Decision Training and effective ways of developing non-linear learning pathways, high cognitive effort and real-time decision-making skills in performance.

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