Staff and teaching

Staff and teaching

The Faculty of Arts offers undergraduate, postgraduate coursework, and research degree programs across disciplinary boundaries that allow students to explore new areas of professional development or personal passion. We are leading the future by infusing technology into learning and teaching allowing us to develop a culture of transformative learning.

The Faculty is distinguished by its student-centred and research-inspired approaches to learning and teaching.

Our academic staff create learning environments in which students are given access to frontier research, and to engage in research themselves. Those activities assist students in the development of the skills and abilities that are needed to identify and solve problems, locate and analyse information and to engage in local and global communities.

We are home to award-winning researchers and academics who are experts in their fields. Some of our prominent academic staff are:

Ancient History



Geography and Planning

Indigenous studies

International studies


Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Modern History, Politics and International Relations


Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism


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