Faculty of Arts staff and students have access to a host of facilities and tools that foster experiential learning.

Media hub

Futures Lab

The Futures Lab represents the most significant investment in online media production to date by an Australian university. Built specifically for Master of Future Journalism students, the Futures Lab mirrors the platforms and systems in use by major broadcasters and online media outlets internationally. It includes a green screen TV studio with remote controlled cameras, lighting and auto cue; Tricaster vision mixer with virtual sets; iNews newsroom management system; an integrated automated social media delivery system; Avid MediaCentral and Interplay media collaboration tools, with back end support from an AVID ISIS 5500 network media storage system. This allows for network integrated production workflows that reflect current professional industry practices. The Futures Lab is a central hub that is connected to all Screen, Music, Radio, and Performance production facilities.

Screen production facilities

Our screen studio has a large dedicated sound stage (20 mtrs x 18 mtrs x 8 mtrs ) and is equipped with 52 motorised lighting hoists supporting the latest LED lighting fixtures, including ARRI L7C Fresnels and BBS Area 48 Soft lights with full DMX control through a Pathway Cognito lighting console. The studio also features a 17 x 7 meter green screen, Rosco green floor, set storage and fabrication facilities.

Macquarie is an AVID Learning partner site and so offers the full suite of Media Composer software tools, MediaCentral and ISIS network storage facilities, which support and model broadcast level production workflows. Macquarie has a range of high quality field kits for location shooting and a range of fully equipped edit suites and computer labs for post-production. Increasingly students are working in multi-platform contexts and so the facilities support delivery across a range of platforms in an increasingly integrated fashion.

Music production studios

The music production studios represent state of the art approaches to music production. With acoustic design by one of Australia's most acclaimed designers Richard Priddle the studios offer a range of contrasting acoustic spaces. Studio 1 houses a Neve Custom 75 mixing console, a ProTools HDX system and a selection of premium preamplifiers and outboard processors from API, Chandler/EMI, Avalon, Solid State Logic and Universal Audio (LA2A, 1176). Studio 1 also houses an amplifier room with a selection of classic amplifiers and a Radial guitar distribution system for recording and re-amping. As an AVID Learning Partner, Macquarie has the full suite of AVID plugins and software tools, alongside the complete suite of UAD hardware assisted plugin processors. Studio 2 offers a larger live space and contains Pro Tools HDX system and outboard preamplifiers and processors from API, JLM, and Audient. Supplementing the studios is a set of standard professional microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, Beyer and a range of valve microphones from Beezneez.

Dance and performance studios

Our Dance & Performance studios are fitted with full black curtains and white cycloramas and feature motorised lighting hoists equipped with both traditional tungsten fixtures and state of the art LED lighting, including moving lights, all with full DMX control. Full AV facilities include high speed network connection for web access, HD video and audio playback through 5.1 surround systems . Both studios are also equipped with rigging points for aerial performance work.

The Dance Studio is 18 x 16 meters and is fitted with a 14 x 11 meters sprung dance floor and a mirrored rear wall. The Drama & Performance Studio is 20 x 18 meters, has a specialised performance floor and tiered audience seating. The studio is also equipped with a Steinway grand piano, a live performance PA with digital sound console. The Drama and Performance studio's AV facilities include HD projection. The studio also has the ability to operate as a site for multi-camera shoots in both live and non-live contexts.

Radio studios

Macquarie has some of the best radio facilities of any Australian university, which includes an on air studio with digital panel, an on air production control room and production booth; a digital outside broadcast facility to allow for location broadcasts; and audio ties to community radio station 2SER FM who have studios within the Y3A building. This allows for close collaboration between the university and 2SER. Radio is becoming increasingly multi-platform and so the facilities tie closely to the Futures Lab and MediaCentral platforms for integration across broadcast and online contexts.


Australian History Museum

Museum of Ancient Cultures

Learning spaces

Moot court and law library

Students of Macquarie Law School benefit from the School's moot court and its own library of Law publications and journals.

Language labs

Our Language Labs are equipped with language software and computers that enhance students' language learning experience.

Learning Circle

Launched in July 2014, Macquarie's 'learning circle' honours our long-standing relationship with the Darug people, the traditional occupants of the lands on which Macquarie is built. The Learning Circle is a special cultural place for students, staff and local community to come together to talk, listen and to discuss the business of life (Byalla). The Learning Circle is located near the University Lake.

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