REACH (Research in the Economics of the Arts, Culture and Heritage) network

REACH (Research in the Economics of the Arts, Culture and Heritage) network

Stream leader: David Throsby

Stream members: Jordi McKenzie, Joseph Macri, Paul Crosby

The REACH network conducts applied research in the economics of the arts and culture including the creative economy, culture in sustainable development, arts professionals, demand for cultural goods and services, evaluation of cultural heritage, copyright and digital rights management and the impact of digital distribution platforms.

The REACH network has an extraordinary record of international collaborative activities involving universities, international organisations, federal and state government agencies, NGOs and business corporations in the arts and culture including UNESCO, the World Bank, the Australia Council for the Arts and the Australian Federal Government.

One of the many projects currently being undertaken by the REACH network is the National Survey of Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists, which aims to yield benefits for cultural maintenance, Indigenous employment and participation, and community development. The results of the project will provide essential data on which to base new strategies for advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture, and for the sustainable economic development of remote Indigenous communities.

Recent projects include the latest Individual Artists Survey, and the ARC-funded study, The Australian Book Industry: Authors, publishers and readers in a time of change.


Distinguished Professor David Throsby

Associate Professor Jordi McKenzie

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