MEET (Microeconomic and Experimental Economic Theory) research network

MEET (Microeconomic and Experimental Economic Theory) research network

Stream leader: Maros Servatka

Stream members: Lyla Zhang, Wylie Bradford, Craig McMillan, Rohan Best

The MEET network undertakes research on the application of microeconomics to issues emerging from the functioning of labour markets, international trade settings, industrial and individual strategic partnerships and competitive frameworks. The focus of this research has policy implications for Australia’s economic efficiency and the welfare of its citizens (eg changes in competition policy, labour market regulations, and international trade agreements).

This network is involved in major projects on the measurement of demand for public outlays, tax policy modelling, the economics of drug abuse, economics of the arts and culture, valuation of the environment and sustainable development, deregulation, productivity and efficiency. As part of its investigations, the network considers incentives, as well as the role of behavioural factors, in the economic decision-making of individuals and governments.

Contact: Professor Maros Servatka

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