Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies

Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies

Archaic Athenian tetradrachm 490-480 BC ACANS 00A08
Athenian Tetradrachm. AR. 490 -480 BC. 16.76g (inv. 00A8).

The Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies (ACANS) was established in 1999 following a bequest from Dr W.L. Gale and Mrs J. Gale. It is a Faculty of Arts Research Centre at Macquarie University which is attached to the Department of Ancient History.

The mission of ACANS is to promote the study of ancient numismatics through initiatives in teaching and research and to provide support for these activities through the development of a library and numismatic collection. Its annual staff include senior and junior visiting fellows and the Gale visiting lecturer. As part of its role as a national leader in ancient numismatics, ACANS undertakes a wide program of research projects, exhibitions, conferences and publications.

Digital exhibitions

  • The Coinage of Ephesus

    The Ephesus Coinage website was designed to make the diverse collections of Ephesian coins available to the students of the Department of Ancient History, and to the wider public.

  • The Coinage of Julius Caesar

    The web exhibition Julius Caesar highlights some of the 800 coins in the Gale Roman Republic Collection, an invaluable resource for the teaching of Roman history and numismatics.

Research projects

Pioneering technology gives new insight into Ancient Greece

Researchers from Macquarie University brings science and ancient history together by using new non-destructive technology to analyse artefacts from ancient Greece.

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