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Download Our University: A Framing of Futures [PDF]

Our University, a framing of futures


In recent months the Macquarie University community has come together as never before, working to define the long-term aspiration for our University and the elements that will make its impact truly distinctive within Australia and around the world.

Looking at the landscape ahead, we launched the Our University: A Framing of Futures project a few months into my time as Vice-Chancellor. During that time, I learned about the University and its history. The achievements made over Macquarie’s first 50 years are quite remarkable, but those accomplishments only deliver sustaining value to the University if they inspire in us the vision and determination to continue to excel.

I am delighted to present Our University: A Framing of Futures for Macquarie University. It provides a long-term scaffold that allows for development of detailed initiatives for our continued ascendant differentiation. With this as our guide, we can focus on the work ahead, identify our priorities and make efficient, effective decisions.

This is our University, and there is exciting work to be done.

Let us begin.

S Bruce Dowton MD
Vice-Chancellor and President

Download Our University: A Framing of Futures [PDF]

This document is also available as an accessible word document.
Please email marketingservices@mq.edu.au to request a copy.

Purpose, vision and values

Macquarie is a university of service and engagement. We serve and engage our students and staff through transformative learning and life experiences; and we serve and engage the world through discovery, dissemination of knowledge and ideas, innovation and deep partnerships.

We aspire to be:

  • a destination of choice for staff and students who share our values
  • deeply connected with our stakeholders and partners, and known for this globally
  • ranked among the highest performing research universities of Australia and, for key disciplines, to be recognised globally for our pre-eminence
  • known across Australia and beyond as custodians of a remarkable university campus that blends the vibrancy of a cosmopolitan university village with a setting of Australian natural bushland.

As the custodians of Macquarie University, we value scholarship, integrity and empowerment. We believe learning, enquiry and discovery improves lives; we conduct ourselves ethically, equitably, and for mutual benefit; and we work to make our community a source of strength and creativity.

Through our actions, as staff and students, we live these values and it is against them that we hold ourselves accountable.

Our strategic priorities

There are seven strategic priorities in Our University: A Framing of Futures.

  1. A culture of transformative learning in a research-enriched environment
  2. An accelerating and impactful performance in discovery
  3. Aligning the nature and size of the University for the future
  4. Creating an innovation nexus where Macquarie and our partners contribute solutions to the world and develop lasting relationships
  5. Emboldening Macquarie University’s recognition and international presence
  6. Developing a vibrant and sustainable campus, clearly at the centre of a rapidly changing neighbourhood in the international, cosmopolitan city of Sydney
  7. Improving those aspects of our support services to realise this aspiration and vision

Each of these priorities represents an opportunity for our University, and these are explained in more depth in the Our University: A Framing of Futures document. It is only by coming together to meet these challenges that we will fully realise our potential.