Brunner Collection

The Brunner Collection was formed through a donation by Professors Hellmut Brunner and Emma Brunner-Traut in the early 1990s. The donation consisted of books, journals, reprints, catalogues and pamphlets in the field of Egyptology, many of which were annotated by Professor Brunner.

Over the past 60 years the collection has expanded through purchases from the Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology. The collection now contains over 2,000 titles including long runs of major journals, as well as several thousand offprints which are rare and valuable.

Brunner Digital Collection

In 2005, funding from a Vice-Chancellor's Development Fund was used to establish the Brunner Digitisation Project. The main objective of this project was to digitise selected volumes from the Brunner Collection in collaboration with the Department of Ancient History and the Learning and Teaching Centre to create the Brunner Digital Collection.

Digitised titles can be found in the Library's MultiSearch by performing an author search for Brunner Digitisation Project.

Due to copyright conditions, access to some titles is limited to Macquarie University authorised staff and students. Any restrictions will be indicated in the title.


The Brunner Collection is a restricted access collection, located in a special room behind the Reserve section. Materials located here are not normally available for loan. Authorised users, such as Macquarie University academic staff, visiting academics and Macquarie University postgraduate students in Egyptology have access.

To access and photocopy items in the collection, visit us on level 2.