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Crunch Events and Catering has an external website which enables you to make orders online through a secure payment gateway. It also features special offers to our new and returning customers.

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Welcome to Crunch Events and Catering

Crunch Events and Catering is a subsidiary of the retail directorate at Campus Life, Macquarie University.

Exclusively catering for Macquarie University, all of our funds go towards initiatives benefiting the campus community and student based projects.

We understand that providing more than an academic experience enhances the life of students while studying at Macquarie University. Crunch Events and Catering proudly facilitates engagement on campus through our service delivery to student events such as O Week, MacFest, Academic Orientation, Enrolments, University Examinations and Macquarie International networking.

We also conduct competitor assessments to maintain our competitive prices and value for money as well as measure the services we provide to the wider corporate community.

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