Partner with PACE

Partner with PACE

Macquarie University has a proud track record in innovation and has set PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) as its signature program.

PACE provides opportunities for partner organisations to connect with highly motivated, capable, and work ready students as well as an innovative group of academics and a community of inspiring partner organisations.

Our 2500+ partner organisations from local, regional and international spheres span all sectors of the economy and society across private, public, community-based and not-for-profit sectors.

As a partner organisation you will benefit from the immediate opportunities PACE provides to:

  • complete projects
  • enthuse students about the organisation's line of work
  • create a channel for finding a bright new recruit
  • inspire students about their future career paths
  • Benefits of PACE

    PACE is mutually beneficial for students, partner organisations and Macquarie University. As a PACE partner you get to know Macquarie better and have the opportunity to connect with highly motivated, capable, and work ready students as well as an innovative group of academics and researchers and a community of creative and inspiring partner organisations.

  • How PACE works

    The success of PACE relies on creating and maintaining channels of open and honest communication and expectations between partner, student and Macquarie University.

  • A safe and fair environment

    Macquarie University PACE is committed to the safety of our students and the fair work practices of our partner organisations.

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