Engage with our students

We are committed to the academic and professional development of our students and to offering industry a range of ways to engage with our talented and motivated students.

Benefits of hosting an intern

Hosting a Macquarie intern is a great way to:

  • access future international and local graduates of the highest calibre
  • enhance the capacity of your organisation
  • undertake projects specific to the skills and knowledge of an intern
  • contribute to the development of your industry's future workforce
  • benefit from a fresh perspective in your organisation
  • develop educational and industry links with Macquarie University
  • access the latest academic thought in your discipline.

The PACE program is a real strategic differentiator for Macquarie Uni. It ensures all students are equipped with occupational work experience. It’s great for our business, because when we go to hire, we know who will be the right fit.

Cindy Reid Former Director of People and Culture, Konica Minolta

Types of internships available

Vocational internships (part of a degree program)

For undergraduate students

Macquarie's Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) program is dedicated to providing opportunities for students across all disciplines to engage with the community through a range of workplace activities.

Students gain academic credit through work experience in the industry.

If you are looking for an intern or are interested in engaging with the University by setting up an internship program, submit an enquiry form.

Current PACE partners can contact us on pace@mq.edu.au

Vocational internships generally run within one or more sessions each year:

  • Session 1: March – June
  • Winter vacation: July
  • Session 2: August – November
  • Session 3: December – January

The MGSM Management Internship runs four terms per year:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • September – November

Interns are only covered under Macquarie's Personal Accident, and General and Product Liability insurance for the duration of their internship if they conduct their internship through PACE, or if their internship assists them in meeting their degree requirements.

All international students are also required to take out compulsory International Students Health Cover, which provides private cover equivalent to the Australian Medicare benefit.

Other internships (not part of a degree program)

Paid internships

Employers wanting to advertise paid internship positions can post these for free on our online jobs board if you are registered on MQ Employer Connect.

Macquarie University is only able to advertise unpaid internships that abide by the Fair Work Act.

Please be aware that according to the Fair Work Ombudsman unpaid internships should only be:

  • with a voluntary or not-for-profit organisation
  • of an observatory nature within a business environment.

If you require the student to perform productive activities within the business, the student is considered an employee and is entitled to be paid as such.

Registered not-for-profit organisations can advertise voluntary opportunities, if very short term in nature, free of charge on our online job board which you register for via MQ Employer Connect.

Walanga Muru, the Office of Indigenous Strategy, offers industry an opportunity to grow their Indigenous workforce capacity by participating in the Indigenous Cadetship Program.

Macquarie’s Indigenous Cadetship Program provides a practical way for industry to engage in reconciliation and foster the growth of our future Indigenous leaders.

Organisations benefit by:

  • increasing their workforce capacity
  • improving workplace cultural literacy
  • engaging with talented and motivated Indigenous people.

Walanga Muru provides both the cadet and host organisation with support and guidance to ensure the cadetship is successful and mutually beneficial.

To learn more about how your organisation can benefit from hosting an Indigenous cadet, contact:

Geoffrey Bilney
T: +61 (2) 9850 1381
E: geoffrey.bilney@mq.edu.au