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The Centre for Open Education is integral to the University's provision of many opportunities for lifelong learning including flexibility of access and modes of study. The Centre manages undergraduate and postgraduate Distance Education programs, Non-award study (both for interest and as a pathway for entry into one of 13 degrees), Session 3 study, Conveyancing Law and Practice, and Open Universities Australia.

COE - Next Step - image Next Step Pathway
Gain entry into a degree program through this alternative pathway. Units that are successfully completed via Next Step will be credited towards your degree at Macquarie University.
COE - Homepage - NA Image Non-Award Study
Study for general interest and professional purposes.
COE - Distance Education - Homepage Image Distance Education
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws, and Bachelor of Education via distance.
COE - Session 3 - Homepage Image Session 3
Fast track your degree, catch up on your units, and reduce your work load for next year.
COE - Conveyancing - Homepage Image Conveyancing
Distance education course approved by the NSW Office of Fair Trading to provide educational qualification necessary to be a licensed Conveyancer.
COE - OUA - Homepage Image Open Universities Australia
Flexible online learning at your pace with the option to finish on-campus.

Centre Location

The Centre is located on Campus on level 1 of Building X5B. The entrance to the Centre is on the southern side of the building, adjacent to the W4 carpark.    
Our location on campus (PDF)

Contact Details

One of the principal roles of the Centre is to provide a primary point of contact between distance education students and the University. The staff at the Centre are always willing to assist you with administrative matters pertaining to your enrolment, and will also determine whether your query necessitates the intervention of an academic adviser.

Telephone (02) 9850 7470 (national)
  + 61 2 9850 7470 (international)
Fax (02) 9850 7480 (national)
  + 61 2 9850 7480 (international)
Enquiries http://ask.mq.edu.au


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Call us on (+ 61 2) 8520 3841 during business hours. For after hours, please leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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