Department of Anthropology

Current PhD Theses

Recent Doctoral Research Submissions

Student Name Thesis Title
SUMANT BADAMI The Ant Knows its Way: Paniya negotiations with death, place and belonging
MONICA DALIDOWICZ Learning Kathak: Apprenticeship in the Guru-Shishya Parampara
ANTON PIYARATHNE DEEGALLA DURAGE Constructing Commongrounds: Everyday Lifeworlds Beyond Politicised Ethnicities in Sri Lanka
CAROLINE GRILLOT Trans-frontiers marriages between Vietnamese women and Chinese men
NIPHATTRA HARITAVORN Why do they call me Khiya?: Gender and identity construction amongst people injecting drugs in Thailand
JOHANES HERLIJANTO Chinese Politics of Development in Post-Cold War Indonesia.
VICTORIA LOBLAY Embodied Encounters with Reproductive Technologies: Constellations of sexual difference and the boundaries of knowledge in the clinic
YUNXIA LI A "Proper" Cultivation of Akha ?- A Study of Rubber Tree Plantation in China/Loas border area.
CASIMIR MACGREGOR Ideologies of the Body: An Ethnography of Biotechnology Governance and Bioethics in Human Embryonic Stem Cell and Cloning Research in Australia.
PAUL MASON Fighting for peace of mind: A cross-cultural survey of fight-dancing in Indonesia and Brazil
DENG RUI Dynamics of Social Change and HIV Vulnerability in SW China.
ANUPOM ROY Biomedicine and chronic illness: Insight into the experiences of Bangladeshi sufferers with chronic respiratory illness
DOUANGPHET SAYANOUSO Changing lives: Development and reproductive health amongst the Akha, an Ethnic minority group in Northwest Laos
GUY THRELFO They don't look like refugees: The presentation of "refugeeness" among Liberians in exile
MERRIDEN VARRALL Chinese Development Aid in Venezuela
JUAN ZHANG Paradoxical perceptions and inchoate identities: Chinese cross-border migration in the Greater-Mekong sub-region

Current Doctoral Research

Student Name Thesis Title
Bilal, Muhammad Politics of Islamic Fundamentalism and Cultural Imperialism: A Study of Identity Politics and
its Impact on Institutional Development
Bowan, Gillian Becoming Cosmopolitan: Transformations of Identity Among Indian University Students
Fisher, Sheree The Rise of Rollergirl: Community and the Global Imagery of Sex, Gender and the Self in Flat
Track Roller Derby
Harwood, Max 'Man Made': Kemalism, Islam and its effect on Turkish masculinity.
Irving, Lisa Secret, shameful and risky pleasures: a comparative study of unmarried Muslims' sexuality and reproductive health in Singapore and Australia.
Keil, Paul Human-Elephant Entanglements: An ethnographic analysis of mahout-elephant working units mediating human elephant conflict in Assam, North-East India
Keskin-Joppien, Charlotte Municipal politics in Turkey and the ruling party AKP - a comparative research in two central Anatolian cities.
McDougall, Lindy Joan Reproductive medical innovations, desire, and gender in multicultural Australia
Montalvo Chaves, Angeles Performative Construction of Citizenship: Arts as Diaphanous Expressions of Indigenous and Migrant Citizenship in Australia and Spain
Rickson, Joseph Practices Of Power And The Politics Of Difference: Jinghpaw Wunpawng (Essence)On The Thai/Burma Border
Scott, David Pictures in an Exhibition: Art, Agency and the role of Exhibition in Generating Social Discourse
Scott, Gwendolyn Corporate Australian and Australian government policies regarding Muslim women employees
Sharma, Nila Developing a demographic and social profile of South Asian Communities in Sydney since the 1960s
Stockey-Bridge, Michaela Australian Intended Parents and Commercial Surrogacy in Northern India
Westendorp, Mariske Guanyin versus Mary in Chinese state controlled society
Wilkoszewski,Tomas The Uyghur Communities in Turkey: Pan-Turkism, Nationalism and Melancholia

Recent Theses

Student Name Thesis Title
BOXALL, Fiona The New Age of Corporate Management: Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine.'
COHEN, Anjalee Youth Culture in Northern Thailand
DEGER, Jennifer 'Shimmering Screens: Mimesis, Media and a Vision of a Yolngu Aboriginal Modernity'
EVERETT, Kristina 'Impossible Realities:  Indigenous and Non-indigenous Relationships in a Sydney Aboriginal Community'
GIBSON, Lorraine Articulating Culture(s): Being Black in Wilcannia
HADDON, Malcolm The Nectar of Translation: Conversion, Mimesis and Cultural Translation in Krishna Consciousness'.
LYNCH, Tim Memories of Ritual Child Abuse in Satanic Cults in Australia
Maud, Jovan The Sacred Borderland: The State, a Buddhist Saint and Transnational Religion in Southern Thailand
MOLLAND, Sverre Economic pleasures and pleasure economies: purchasing sex along the Melcong
MONCHAMP, Anne Marie Memory, Categorization and Language: Cognition and Culture in Bilingual Wallpiri Aboriginal Children
ONNUDOTTIR, Helena Claiming Inheritance Aboriginal People, Native Title and Cultural Heritage: a Story from Dubbo New South Wales
Sakboon, Mukdawan Citizenship and Education as the Basis for National Integration of Ethic Minorities in Northern Thailand
SPENCER, Rochelle 'Encountering Development, Rethinking Tourism: The Convergence of Development and Tourism'
WARDELL, Martina Indigenous Education, Christianity, and Community at Woolaning Homeland Christian College
WISS, Rosemary Tryst Troppo sex, tourism, relationships (Puerto Galera, The Philippines)