Courtyard Challenge

Courtyard Challenge

The next Courtyard Challenge will take place on Wednesday 9 August, from 12pm to 2pm at the Lakeside Lawn

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Beginning at Macquarie University in 2009, the Courtyard Challenge is based on the historic Great Court Run held at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK.

In previous years, participants of the Courtyard Challenge have included school students from Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) partner schools, Robert Menzies College, Dunmore Lang College and Macquarie University Village.

The event is recognised as a major intercollege sports event and has now been opened up to other students and staff on campus.

Interested in competing in the race that stops a campus?

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Past winners

2015 race results

Residential College Challenge - Individual Female - 12:55pm

Name College Time Placing
Ellie Rutter Robert Menzies College 52.47 2nd
Hannah Dodd Dunmore Lang College 48.85 1st
Kelly Conover Macquarie University Village 56.35 4th
Aleksansdra Kotevski Sports Scholar 54.18 3rd

Residential College Challenge - Individual Male - 1:00pm

Name College Time Placing
Scott Gordon Dunmore Lang College 42.68 1st
Basel Hindeleh Robert Menzies College 49.47 3rd
Nathan Pike Macquarie University Village 46.66 2nd
Mads Boje (Boyu) Macquarie University Village 49.82 4th

Residential College Challenge - Female Relay - 1:05pm

Names College Time Placing
Peta Larkin
Emma Harvey
Judith Ainge McLeish
Hannah Dodd
Dunmore Lang College 3.33.72 1st
Jasmin Harvey
Hannah Stephens
Laura Coleman
Maddie Martin
Robert Menzies College 3.35.63 2nd

Residential College Challenge - Male Relay - 1:10pm

Names College Time Placing
Grant Robinson
Andrew Bell
Jack Kempton
Nick McShane
Macquarie University Village 2.58.69 3rd
Tim Porter
Ewan Anderson
Stuart Kempson
Hugo James
Dunmore Lang College 2.46.16 1st
Daniel Zhou
Leon Dhemba
Matthew Symes
Brendan Fallon
Robert Menzies College 2.58.09 2nd
Kelvin Kong
Terrence Wang
Tim Binns
Paddy McNally
MQU Students 3.10.15 4th

Sports Club Challenge - Male Relay - 12:50pm

Names Students/Clubs Time Placing
Paddy McNally
Christopher Lew
Daniel Kow
Kelvin Kong
MQU Students 3.24.12 2nd
Timothy Binns
Ross Christianos
Ben Armstrong
Timothy Ross
Sports Clubs 1 3.27.37 3rd
Aashray Sood
Ben Russell x 2
Keelan Birch
No fourth runner
Sports Clubs 2 3.15.97 1st

Staff Challenge - Race 1 - 1:15pm

Names Team Time Placing
Rob Ephraums
PJ Tripet
Steph Touvey
Monica Tipoki - Kahukura
Red Frogs 4.02.28 2nd
Fiona Cross
Jason Ferguson
Nick Crowley
Loren Hutton
Staff Team 2 3.47.66 1st
Roslyn Giambruno
Lara Hardy
Kevin Yuen
Carlos Dominguez
Staff Team 3 4.26.18 3rd

Staff Challenge - Race 2 - 1:20pm

Names Team Time Placing
Berend du Plessis
Emily Hellyer
Daisy Sui
Patrick Mok
Staff Team 1 4.10.18 4th
Richard Luxford
Lauren Hargreaves
Nigel Halligan
Khris Kapunan
Staff Team 2 3.45.68 2nd
Tavis David
Jean Posthoorn
Theresa Touma
Koos Gruntjes
Staff Team 3 3.37.28 1st
Hart Widyaharsana
James Tan
Arti Benjamin
Cheryl Nguyen
Staff Team 4 3.47.62 3rd

Staff Challenge - Race 3 - 1:25pm

Names Team Time Placing
Connor Jake
Candice Williams
Kate Marvell
Bill McMahon
Staff Team 1 3.11.84 1st
Tayler Fletcher-Ward
Naomi Herron
Alison Mercer
Darren Whittaker
Staff Team 2 3.39.82 3rd
Lucas Gechevski
Bella Rosati
Rob Tweddle
Paige Grant
Staff Team 3 3.16.81 2nd

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2014 race results

Macquarie University MacFest 2014 concluded its celebrations on Thursday 7 August with the running of the fifth annual Central Courtyard Challenge.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the event.

Sport Scholar Challenge (Record:  Male: 39 seconds Female: 46.22)

Alex Pettigrew MQU Sport Scholar - 38.58 1st
Ali Bartholomew MQU Sport Scholar - 43.20 3rd
Nicholas Bate MQU Sport Scholar - 2nd

Warriors@Work Staff Challenge Race 1

MQU Sport Programs 3.21.60 1st

1. Toni Perkins 
2. Kate Marvell
3. Claudio Altieri
4. Ed Baker

The Engagers 3.36.10 2nd

1. Nigel Halligan 
2. Lauren Hargraves
3. Khris Kapunan
4. Richard Luxford

MQU Staff 3.52.86 3rd

1. Kathleen Jones 
2. Nadime Alameddine
3. Niels Pantenburg
4. Michael Peck

ELC Access 4.05.60 4th

1. Jose Lara 
2. Phil White
3. Clarice Capala
4. Kylie Hurd

Warriors@Work Staff Challenge - Race 2

MQU Sport Operations/Dev 3.22.68 1st

1. Dan Thistleton 
2. Mark Webber
3. Amie O'Brien
4. Candice Williams

MQU Staff 3.39.72 2nd

1. Imogen Broomhead 
2. Amanda Leverett
3. Paul Wild
4. James Burman

Campus Life Marketing 3.40.0 3rd

1. Tavis David 
2. Paulo Viscardi
3. Brenda Lazcano
4. Jean Poosthorn

Crunch It Hard 3.46.80 4th

1. Koos Gruntjes 
2. William Marshall
3. Jonothan Cattell
4. Nicola Dew

Open Men's Challenge Individual Male

Chris - English Learning Centre 50.46 1st
Ben - 51.03 2nd
Kelvin - 53.78 3rd
Eric - 55.30 4th

Residential College Challenge - Individual Female

Julia Jelbart Robert Menzies College 51.80* 1st
Lily Barnett Dunmore Lang College 51.81* 1st
Morgan Miner MQU Student 1.08.72 3rd
Lujie Bie Macquarie University Village 1.13.22 4th

Residential College Challenge - Individual Male

Tim Porter Dunmore Lang College 39.97 1st
Brendan Fallon Robert Menzies College 41.20 2nd
Jiayang Feng Warara 43.62 3rd
Pavel Hanzl Macquarie University Village 47.47 4th

Residential College Challenge - Female Relay

 Dunmore Lang College 3.39.05 1st

1. Steph Quinn
2. Jess Preston
3. Hannah Dodd
4. Kim Silver

Robert Menzies College 3.47.78 2nd

1.Jasmine Harvey 
2. Annie Phillips
3. Brenna Maconaghie
4. Laura Coleman

Macquarie University Village 4.27.78 3rd

1. Alex Mashman 
2. Kaitlin Dwyer
3. Naomi Herron

Residential College Challenge - Male Relay

Macquarie University Village 2.53.03 1st

1. Christian Kensell 
2. Connor Jake Hubschman
3. James Cant
4. Alejandro Vidal Bontkiewicz

Dunmore Lang College 2.55.03 2nd

1. Hugo James 
2. Jeremy Lowe
3. Oli Brecheu
4. Stuart Kempson

Robert Menzies College 2.57.30 3rd

1. James Ridge 
2. Benjamin Sam
3. Erik Suaning
4. Joseph Crane

English Learning Centre 3.11.10 4th

1. Ikeuichi Daiki 
2. Ham Kyeong-Jin
3. Keisuke Takemoto
4. Hyun Sang Wan

Iglu Student Accommodation 3.22.18 5th

1. Dinghio 
2. Terrence
3. Michael
4. Alonzo

View the 2014 Courtyard Challenge gallery

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