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About us

Macquarie University Property is responsible for the planning, development, management and maintenance of the University's infrastructure and buildings, looking after the space and facilities required for the University to achieve its learning, teaching and research goals.

As part of Our University - A framing of Futures, Strategic Priority Six is our focus -

'Developing a vibrant and sustainable campus, clearly at the centre of a rapidly changing neighbourhood in the international, cosmopolitan city of Sydney'

Macquarie University Property provides a wide range of key building, infrastructure, development, investment and asset management services across the Macquarie Campus.

Property takes care of master planning and development concept level,  project management of developments, refurbishments and minor works, and also the management and maintenance of our assets (building and grounds).

Property also manages the following services on campus:-

What's happening on Campus?

Find out about some of our current and completed projects on campus, learn about what Property does in more detail or Contact Us for more information.

West 5 (X8) car park extension 

Work will commence on 16 January 2017 to extend West 5 (X8) car park to create an additional 746 spaces, bringing the total capacity of West 5 to 1332 spaces.  The car park will be extended westward towards Culloden Road.

The extension will be constructed of grass reinforced mesh with bitumen roadways similar to the existing car park, and include pedestrian walkways, lighting, CCTV cameras and help points.

Weather permitting, construction of the car park extension will be completed in late September 2017.

Parking at the existing section of West 5 will not be affected by these works, and University permit holders may continue to access the car park via Link Road and Gymnasium Road.

Design guidelines

Macquarie University Property Design Guidelines have been prepared for staff, consultants and contractors to provide direction and guidance to the University's requirements in regard to design and documentation of Macquarie University projects.

The Guidelines cover Strategic Planning, General Design, Space Types, Component Specs and information about the Master Plan which was completed in 2014.

The Master Plan has been strategically aligned with the Vision and Strategy of the University 'Our University - A Framing of Futures'.  It provides a reference framework which will allow flexibility to accommodate future infrastructure and space needs while enhancing the existing qualities of the University's campus.

More information about past and current projects at Macquarie University is detailed on our Project Management  page.

Expressions of interest

Macquarie University Property have a Pre-qualification Scheme whereby contractors and consultants can apply to be placed on our Selected Tender List.  The receipt of Pre-qualification does not guarantee that engagements or work of any kind or quantity will be offered.

Review the Terms and Conditions and then go on to complete the relevant Consultant or Contractor form with your information.


Property Asset Management is responsible for the management of the Macquarie University Academic, Research and Commercial Precincts, comprising of approximately 300,000 sqm of gross floor area in over 80 buildings and car parks.  

The 126 hectare Campus includes:-

  • office space
  • retail
  • service facilities
  • Macquarie University Library
  • Macquarie University Hospital

Asset Management brings together an experienced team of property professionals with expertise in the areas of strategic asset and leasing management, property and estate management, facilities and engineering management, sustainability and customer service.

If you have any questions about present or upcoming leasing opportunities, please contact Michael Carabetta, Head of Asset Management, Property, on (02) 9850 7143 or via email.

More information about Asset Management and Property can be found on the Property Services page.

Working collaboratively with Property for the fitout, PACE now have have a light filled space designed specifically for their needs, that they couldn't be happier with, as reported by Lindie Clark, Academic and Program Director of PACE.

Lindie says, 'With the colour palette being greens and browns, it seems that the outside is being brought inside making for a natural and calm environment.  The workstations are broken up with timber framing and the incorporation of areas for collaborative teamwork give the whole floor a great community feel. We love it!'

After what was a reluctant move from the Australian Hearing Hub, the PACE team is even happier in their new office in the EMC building, with a collaborative workspace, and a kitchen area that encourages interaction with staff from across the entire floor.

It will provide power for the next 50 years to some 50,000mof new science and medical research floor space and contribute to a reduction in the long term Campus electricity supply costs. 

Power is supplied from the Macquarie Park Zone Substation, some 2.4km east of the University adjacent to Lane Cove Road.

The building is a reinforced block and concrete construction, clad in painted cement sheeting with screened aluminum louvred doors and wall vents and is partially screened with decorative lineal aluminum fins in 5 earthy colours.

Project completed August 2016.

For more information email Rob Alcock.

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