Activities of Academic Senate

Activities of Academic Senate

Academic Senate Project and Priorities

The Academic Senate projects and priorities for 2017 are currently under consideration.

If you are interested in becoming involved with any academic senate projects or would like additional information, please contact:

Kerri Mackenzie
Project Officer to Academic Senate

Principles of English Language Statement

At its meeting of 6 December 2016, Academic Senate approved the Principles of English Language Statement.

Academic Senate In Brief

Information on the key decisions made and matters discussed at the latest Academic Senate meeting can be found below. The full minutes of each meeting can be found on the Meetings, Agendas and Minutes page.

Academic Senate meeting held 21 February 2017


The agenda of matters considered at this meeting is available on the Academic Senate website.  The resolutions and minutes of the meeting remain subject to change and will be published on the website following ratification at the next Academic Senate meeting, scheduled for 11 April 2017.

Key agenda items, outcomes and resolutions are highlighted in this brief and are not intended to replace the full minutes.

Matters resolved

Academic Senate passed 16 resolutions at this meeting. Information on outcomes of specific agenda items may be found in this report or within the minutes.

New Programs (Res 17/05 and Res 17/06):

Bachelor of Science – Global Challenges – the academic case for this program was approved with effect from 1 January 2018.

Academic Senate also gave in-principle approval for a range of post-graduate programs in Security Studies and Criminology, Counter Terrorism, Cybersecurity, Intelligence, Security and Strategic Studies, and combined postgraduate programs in Policy and Applied Social Research with Development Studies, Politics and Public Policy with Developmental Studies and Politics and Public Policy with International Relations.


    Principles of Majors and Minors (Res 17/04)

The Principles of Majors and Minors were approved.

    Faculty Quality Indicators for Teaching and Learning (Res 17/07)

Academic Senate approved the academic content of the Quality Indicators for Teaching and Learning for use by Faculties, noting that implementation and resource issues may need further consideration.

    Proposed Changes to the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Rules for 2017 (Res 17/09)

Proposed changes to the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Rules were endorsed by Academic Senate and recommended to Council for approval.

    Disruption to Studies Policy: Approval to Review (Res 17/08)

Academic Senate approved a proposal to review the Disruption to Studies Policy.


    Academic Senate 2017 Projects and Priorities (Res 17/11)

Academic Senate approved the prioritised list of projects for 2017.

    Establishing Program Reviewss (Res 17/12)

A report was provided on developing an institutional approach to Program Reviews.

    Academic Governance: The Faculty of Business and Economics and MGSM Alignment (Res 17/13)

Academic Senate endorsed a range of recommendations including amendments to University Rules, committee terms of reference and the membership of the Faculty of Business and Economics Faculty Board related to the amalgamation of the MGSM with the Faculty of Business and Economics.

    Towards a Model for Shared Responsibility for Academic Governance (Res 17/14)

A Steering Group to oversee the shared responsibility for academic governance project was established and Academic Senate approved its function and composition.

    Academic Senate Standing Committee: Revised Terms of Reference (Res 17/10)

Academic Senate approved revisions to the terms of reference of the Academic Senate Standing Committee.

  • Academic Senate noted the Vice-Chancellor’s oral update, including the Federal Government’s endorsement of the report “Improving the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions”, the recent appointment of the Hon. Rob Stokes as the NSW Minister for Education and Training, recent developments with the University’s Executive team, the appointment of the new Director of MUIC, the impact of changes to research block grant funding on the University, the 2017 admissions processes and building works at the University.
  • Academic Senate approved the award of Vice-Chancellor Commendations to 36 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate coursework graduands (Res 17/15) and noted that the Research and Research Training Committee had approved the award of Vice-Chancellor commendations to 4 higher degree research graduands.
  • Student-led business: Academic Senate noted the steps being taken to resolve a concern raised by students at its meeting of 1 November 2016 regarding the availability of past examination papers in Psychology units (Res 17/03).
  • A confidential report was tabled of the University Hearing Committee held on 7 December 2016.

Committees of Academic Senate and Faculty Boards

  • Committees of Academic Senate

Academic Senate noted the reports of the meetings held by the Academic Senate Standing Committee, the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee and the University Medal Committee throughout January and February 2017, and ratified the decisions of the Academic Senate Standing Committee (Res 17/16).

  • Faculty Boards

Academic Senate noted the reports of the Faculty Boards held in December 2016, and noted the reports of the Faculty of Arts Faculty Board and the Faculty of Business and Economics Faculty Board held in February 2017.

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