Activities of Academic Senate

Activities of Academic Senate

Academic Senate Project and Priorities

A list of current Academic Senate projects and priorities including their sponsors, status, timeline and working party composition is available in Truth. Please click on the link below and you will be required to log into Truth using your MQ One ID and password:

Link to Academic Senate Projects and Priorities

If you are interested in becoming involved with any of the projects identified, you are encouraged to contact the Chair of the working party as identified.

Academic Senate In Brief

Information on the key decisions made and matters discussed at the latest Academic Senate meeting can be found below. The full minutes of each meeting can be found on the Meetings, Agendas and Minutes page.

Academic Senate meeting held 13 September 2016


The agenda of matters considered at this meeting is available on the Academic Senate website.  The resolutions and minutes of the meeting remain subject to change and will be published on the website following ratification at the next Academic Senate meeting, scheduled 1 November 2016.

Key agenda items, outcomes and resolutions are highlighted in this brief and are not intended to replace the full minutes.

Matters resolved

Academic Senate passed 22 resolutions at this meeting. Information on outcomes of specific agenda items may be found in this report or within the minutes.

Program Name Change (Res 16/217):

Master of Advanced Conference Interpreting proposal approved to revert to previous name of Master of Conference Interpreting, commencing 2017 (Res 16/217).

Honours Classification Amendment (Res 16/218):

Following amendments to the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, Academic Senate approved the introduction of an Honours Weighted Average Mark (HWAM), the amendment of cut-offs for Honours Class 1 and Honours Class II.2, and the clarification of the thesis requirement with regards to Honours Class 3.

Joint PhD Programs (Res 16/220 and Res 16/221):

Joint PhD Programs were approved between Macquarie University and Stellenbosch University (Res 16/220) and between Macquarie University and l’Universit√© Libre de Bruxelles (Res 16/221).

  • Academic Prizes and Awards Working Group (Res 16/214)

The revised University Medal Policy and Procedure was approved for immediate implementation. Amendments to the Terms of Reference of the University Medal Committee were also approved.

  • Academic Progression Policy and Procedure (Res 16/215)

Academic Senate approved the Academic Progression Policy and Procedure for implementation from Semester 1 2017 and authorised the Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC) to approve the Schedules relating to professional programs and currency requirements.  Council will be asked to approve consequent amendments to the General Coursework Rule related to implementing the new policy and procedure.

  • Placement Co-ordination Task Force Recommendations (Res 16/216)

Academic Senate approved the rescission of the Practical Placements Policy, which will be replaced by the Definition of a Placement as ‘An experiential learning activity that is facilitated by the University and carried out (either partially or fully) under the direction of an external or third party)’.  Academic Senate also approved the Placement Procedural Flowchart and Glossary of Terms and a supporting toolkit of resources.

  • Grading Hurdle Assessments (Res 16/219)

Additions to the Assessment Policy and Schedule 1: Grading Requirements were approved to clarify the grading of units containing one or more hurdle assessments in cases where students obtain a raw mark of at least 50 but have failed all available attempts of at least one hurdle assessment.

  • AMIS: Amendment to the University Calendar (Open Universities Australia sessions) (Res 16/222)

Academic Senate endorsed, and recommended to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), the alignment of Open Universities Australia (OUA) sessions in 2017 with Macquarie University’s dates for Sessions 1, 2 and 3.

  • Presentation by the Director Human Resources – draft Honorary Titles Policy and Procedure, and amendments to Academic Promotion Policy and Procedure (Res 16/223)

Academic Senate noted the presentation, with members encouraged to provide feedback on the proposals directly to the Director Human Resources.

  • Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure (Res 16/225)

An update was provided on the development of the Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures, with a view to seeking approval by Academic Senate at its 1 November 2016 meeting. Feedback on the proposed documentation can be provided to Governance Services by 7 October 2016.

  • Academic Integrity Project (Res 16/226)

A report was provided on the progress of this project.  A Working Group has been established, and will prioritise recommendations from the original report of the former Chair of Academic Senate. An update will be provided to the 1 November 2016 meeting.

  • Indigenous Representation and MGSM Representation on Academic Senate (Res 16/212 and Res 16/213)

Academic Senate approved that Associate Lecturer Judith McKay-Tempest be co-opted as an Indigenous representative on Academic Senate until 31 December 2016.  Academic Senate also approved the nomination of Professor John Croucher to fill a casual vacancy of an elected representative from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) to Academic Senate until 31 December 2016.

  • Senate Learning and Teaching Committee: Membership (Res 16/211)

Academic Senate approved the appointment of the Chair of Academic Senate, Professor Mariella Herberstein and the addition of a representative from MGSM to the membership of the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee, noting that MGSM will provide a nomination for the new position.

  • Indigenous Strategy 2016-2025 (Res 16/224)

Academic Senate noted and endorsed the Indigenous Strategy 2016-2025 and agreed to provide ongoing feedback to Walanga Muru, the Office of Indigenous Strategy on the academic related components, in particular, the embedding of Indigenous knowledges and perspectives into course content.

  • Academic Senate noted the Vice-Chancellor’s oral update, including a brief report on the University’s improved rankings in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the launch of the Respect.Now.Always campaign, and the announcement of Professor John Simons (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic) retirement at the end of 2016.
  • A presentation was provided on the establishment of the Research and Research Training Committee (RRTC) and the review of the Master of Research (Res 16/217).
  • The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) reported on the proposal for open access for all staff to iLearn.
  • Confidential reports were tabled of the University Hearing Committee held on 3 August and 17 August 2016.
  • Academic Senate made recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council that the title of Emeritus Professor be awarded to two nominees (Res 16/228).  .Academic Senate ratified the award of the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendations (Res 16/227) to undergraduate and master coursework graduands.

Committees of Academic Senate and Faculty Boards

  • Committees of Academic Senate

Academic Senate noted the reports of the meetings held by the Academic Senate Standing Committee, the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, the Higher Degree Research Committee, the Research and Research Training Committee and the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee throughout July, August and September 2016.

  • Faculty Boards

Academic Senate noted the report of the MGSM Academic Board meeting held on 7 July 2016.  There were no Faculty Board meetings held between the meetings of Academic Senate on 26 July 2016 and 13 September 2016.

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